What Is Stopping You Getting More Customers?

Who doesn’t like a flow of new customers flocking to buy your products or services. get more customers

Not any old customers.

The ones that you want as customers.

When you have a flow of these customers life is good, the bank balance is getting bulky.

And you rejoice in your good fortune.

On the flip side when there isn’t a flow or even a trickle of these customers doubts can creep in.

And your confidence can take a hit.

Just like a river, flowing sometimes there can be blockages upstream. You may not notice them at first as you only see you have customers buying.

It is only when you look at your sales you notice you are attracting less of the customers you want.

The good news is there are ways to identify the signs and take action.


You are getting referrals but they are for low priced products or services.

They make you busy and can stop you having higher paying customers especially if you offer services.

Tip: Keep an eye on your referrals and what they represent in sales and your time.


You offer a range of products or services and the lower priced ones are selling better than higher priced ones.

If you offer services, you may notice that sales are fine but you are working longer hours to make those sales.

Tip: If this looks to be a trend see what you can do to lower your costs. If you offer services see if you can offer a DIY product that satisfies the need but does not take up your time.


You like your customers but they are price conscious and often have a budget problem.

Occasionally is okay but if they continually say they have a tight budget then it might be time to review your customer profile.

Tip: Check your sales pages on your website and other pages to see what you are communicating regarding your prices.

You work hard and to grow your business profitably you need to make sure you are attracting the right customers.

Over to you. How to you make sure you attract the customers you desire?

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20 Responses to What Is Stopping You Getting More Customers?

  1. Great tips, Susan! I find the last part to be the most applicable to my work as a writer. For the longest time, I’ve been struggling with trying to get clients who are willing to pay my asking rate. It was only after I relented to the pressing of my friends to set up my blog to serve as my working portfolio (to some extent) that I started getting the clients I want, and the type of writing jobs I enjoy.

    • Hi Adeline,

      I am glad you did because blogging is a great way to showcase your writing talents which are obvious from the articles I have read. And isn’t a good feeling when you are getting paid what your skills are worth and the clients you want.

  2. This is a great list to keep top of mind. In our very busy day to day work life it’s easy not to take the time to see (the blockages) what is really going on until it’s too late. As you pointed out, the best part is by doing a little investigation you can usually find the problem. AKA, adjust your cost strategy etc.

    Thanks for this it is always good to be reminded of the things I need to be aware of.

    • Hi Susan,

      If only we could tame this thing called “not enough time”. The funny thing is using the analogy if we see the signals in time it can be just a few twigs which can be easily fixed.

      Now off to read about your week 2 adventures.

  3. Hi Susan,

    I know how important getting new customers can be but in my particular industry it’s about getting people to join you in your business.

    The best way I do this is buy building relationships with no agenda behind it. Oh sure, we’re all out to make money and I get that but you can’t be attached to the outcome if they chose that what you have is not for them.

    It’s been a great experience for me and I’m really enjoying it.

    Great post and thanks for sharing this with us. Hope you’re enjoying your day~


    • Hi Adrienne and welcome to the blog.

      I like the way you say building relationships with no agenda as that is a great approach and so true. Sounds like your approach really works for you and your customers and I am sure they appreciate the way you do business.

      Thanks for sharing your experience and you enjoy the rest of your day too.

  4. Being a serial entrepreneur, THIS is a must do for me otherwise, whether it’s my product or service, I can waste two people’s time: mine and the prospective customers.

    First I usually assess any networking I do: make sure the audience could be my prospects.

    Then I go the extra mile. Right now, I have a new potential client for my latest business venture. My partners and I really want the sale. However, after feeling like I’m almost chasing it now I’m at the end of the buying cycle. My partners and I have dissected it for – lessons learned going forward.

    Patricia Weber, LinkedIn Group BHB

    • Hi Patricia,

      Sounds like you have a great system and your experience comes through. I like the way you mentioned about wasting two people’s time as it one thing some forget.

      Thanks for sharing this Patricia.

  5. Sometimes for long standing customers, it becomes vital to understand the difficulties that their sector may be facing. Instead of offering a steep discount owing to their tight budget constraints, on occassion a marginal discount with the option to pay in installments results in a win-win. Of course, this does hit your own cash flow and may not always be feasible.

    • Hi Lubna,

      That is a good suggestion and can help customers, although as you say it does hit the cash flow. Although if you think of another alternative of no sale at all it is well worth considering. Thanks for adding this.

  6. I will most definitely keep these things in mind going forward. I have nothing but information right now. In the future when products come I can refer back to your post. Thanks!

  7. I love how you paired a photo of a flowing waterfall with the word “flow.”

    I’ve noticed that sometimes the lower paying customers have something unique to offer besides money – if they are bloggers or otherwise gregarious people, they sometimes give great referrals. And my higher paying customers are so involved in their own worlds that they are less likely to give referrals. I try to please and balance both.

    • Hi Leora,

      It took a while to find that photo. I am sure you do a great job balancing both and I have heard others say that about lower paying customers.
      Thanks for sharing your experience.

  8. Hi Susan,

    Great tips that you have shared here!

    Referral is the timeless way to get more customers or clients. How to get more referrals? Connect with others from the heart! 100% no personal agenda! I find that this is one of the most effective ways to make our customers or clients feel connected and well looked after.

    Viola Tam

    • Hi Viola,

      Welcome to the blog.

      So true about referrals being timeless and I agree about no personal agenda as it does benefit all.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  9. Susan, don’t you think it’s extremely difficult for anyone to attract get this right?

    You target the ideal customers but suddenly get contacted by someone who wants you to do something less profitable. And it’s difficult to say no since the owner is a friend of one of your best customers.

    Turning them down in a gentle way is one way, but you don’t want to do so since the ideal assignment you are about to get isn’t yet certain. Sod’s law as they say in the UK, isn’t it.

    What do you do in a situation like that? Take both assignments and hire a consultant to help you out if necessary?

    • Hi Catarina,

      In that situation I would take both assignments especially if the ideal assignment is not locked in. Just recently a small business owner faced this exact situation and turned down the less profitable one and the other failed to go through so he lost out on both.