Get More Customers With This Simple Idea

Get more customers

If you think you have information overload, just think how your customers feel.

As they search the web, they are confronted with millions of results.

Helping them through the information overload could provide a marketing advantage over your competitors.

It is simple and with your expertise, it should not be a problem to action as part of your marketing strategy to get new customers.


Specific Services

Some businesses do this very well and it is based on having a deep understanding of their customers’ needs, wants and desires.

For example, I did a search for spas and on one website, they listed the choices such as the So Spoilt Pamper Day. They listed the details and what treatments you would receive for the experience.

Other websites were far more general and offered a consultation.

The first website made the choice so much easier.

Now you might be thinking that in your experience customers don’t always know what they want.

However, I think if you know your customers so well you do know what they desire and should be able to offer specific packages or programs.

The days of just listing all the things you can do or listing them in a vague and general way is getting all too hard to do.

And the reason is customers have information fatigue and are seeking out businesses that simplify buying choices for them. To make it simple get to know and understand their buying behaviour.

There are many advantages to offering specific packages and these include:

Differentiates Your Business

This is especially if you operate in a crowded and competitive market where everyone is saying and offering the same general services in the same general way.

It means that you go from being a smorgasbord provider and helps you set the price that you want to be profitable.

Simplifies Your Business

If you currently offering services in a general way you may have to go through a number of steps before you gain the new customer.

Think of the time you would save if you offer specific services in detail that will get them the results they desire. And it is all displayed on your website.

It also means you have greater focus and can concentrate on those areas that are profitable for your business.

This idea is not new.  It has been used in some industries for a while and this is how consumer products are developed and offered to customers.

Over to you, do you offer specific packages based on customers’ needs and desires? On the other hand, do you think this is a terrible idea?

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24 Responses to Get More Customers With This Simple Idea

  1. As a consumer, I know I like to see exactly what you offer – I don’t want to pay for a package assuming it includes x to find out later I have to pay more to get x (especially if x was the key feature for me).

    And it certainly saves me time if I can scan your services and see you do in fact offer x – I have left sites that don’t list x in their services – they may do x but if I have to search or ask I lose interest.

    So if it it makes the page longer (and there are ways to minimise that as an issue) I prefer clarity and simplicity over vagueness and generalities.

  2. I don’t have specific packages – it usually depends on what’s needed. I actually set up a store a year or so ago but have not activated it. Most of my work revolves around writing and I can only leverage myself so far. What I need to do (and haven’t so far!) is develop self-sustaining products, such as an e-book, that provide passive income without my having to create everything from scratch.

  3. Susan — good advice, as always. I redesigned my blog a couple of years ago to reflect a more narrow offering of services. I wasn’t a full service agency – those days are behind me. I re-evaluated and discovered that my interests and the needs of the marketplace dovetailed so that is what I am selling. It’s much easier to focus on two or three services and not a basket of services that are difficult to describe.

    • Hi Jeannette,

      You have done a great job with the redesign as it is clear what you offer. One question for you do offer specific packages within each service area?

  4. Definitely Susan. You have to make your customers swiftly understand what you can do for you, such as a day of pampering.

    To vaguely offer consultations make it too complicated to understand what you can do for them. Ihat also gives the impression that they will try to sell you as many services as possible.

    • Hi Catarina,

      That is a good point about impression of trying to sell many services as possible which many business owners probably haven’t considered. Thanks for adding this.

  5. Susan, so glad I read this. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to visit your blog, but I’m glad you’re still at it. I’ve found that your post is true. I offer design packages of all kinds. Brand identity, illustration and marketing/promotions design. And for each category I have different packages to work with client’s budgets. It’s made my job easier when someone can just point to what they want.

    • Hey Dennis,

      Great to see you back here as we have missed you.

      That is fantastic that you offer specific packages and it must make decisions that much simpler for your clients. Do you highlight them on your website?

      By the way congratulations on being named an ambassador for How magazine. I am so pleased for you.

      Will be visiting your latest article tomorrow.

  6. Hi Susan, I have been thinking about the services I will be offering via my website shortly, and wondering how to present them. I will definitely take this advice. It makes sense that if you understand your customers, you would know what they need (even if they don’t necessarily know). Thanks for this advice. Timely for me. 🙂

  7. I sell handmade items on Etsy. How should I put that on my blog? I am not giving any special information about the shop on my blog, other than mentioning it occasionally and a banner on the sidebar. Any idea?
    Thank for the post. Really appreciate it.

    • Hi Bindhurani,

      There are a number of ways you could do it. For example you could have a page that they can get to from the navigation bar that highlights the products you sell with a link to your shop. Or you could put the information up and they pay via PayPal. The important thing is to make your information descriptive about your handmade items and include thee prices. Also if you go the PayPal way you would need to include information about delivery etc. Hope this helps. if you have any other questions, feel free to email me Bindhurani.

  8. I very much agree with you. When I have a good idea what is being offered and what it entails, it makes my decision easier. That often results in my using a service that appears to be interested in helping me make a better educated decision. They make my life easier by doing so. 🙂

    • Hi Susan,

      I am with you on things that make my life easier 🙂 If I find a site or information that is clear it saves so much time. It is probably one of the things I like about Amazon.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  9. Susan, I believe that “Niche” is the future. Specialization and moreover Micro-specialization is required in all of fields in order to be seen from the herd. It not only helps the buyer / customer but also the service provider.

    • Hi Pranay,

      Good to see you here. I agree about specialisation and regarding that and a niche is to make sure there is sufficient demand. If here is it certainly does help the service provider. thanks for your comment.

  10. Susan,

    Of course, this makes tons of sense! Ideally, it is great to have a balance, as in, showing the customer one can take care of general needs but a specialty in a specific area is key to choosing one’s business. I see this with one of my clients in insurance – they offer a lot of the general insurance agency services, but they write up their specialties in locations near the ocean. In my own work, I try to emphasize my expertise in WordPress for small businesses and for academia and libraries.

    • Hi Leora,

      Sounds like you have it working for your business which is great and the way your client does looks an interesting approach. Do you package up your service for particular needs in these areas?

      • Ideally, I should write up my services in this way. If I wasn’t trying so hard to keep up with my current clients, I would embellish my services page. Good reminder – think niche.

  11. Spot on Susan,

    The more information we have the less able we are to make a buying decision sometimes. The everything including the kitchen sink model is dying and those that can clearly define their product or service offering are going to be way ahead of the crowd.

    I’ve got some work to do in this area myself.
    Thanks for the reminder

    • Hi Jackie,

      Agree about the kitchen sink model as it becomes all too hard. I was reading an article about the too much information which was published in 2010 and what the author said is so true today.