Find New Customers By Gaining Awareness

Brand Awareness You have a terrific brand and now is the time to find new customers to grow your business.

Gaining awareness of your brand is one of the important steps if you are going to be successful.

However standing out in any market and gaining awareness can be difficult especially if you have tough competitors.

Not to worry as there are steps you can take.

There are numerous ways to gain awareness to find new customers and today I will just cover three elements.

The Right Place

With so many places on and offline to be seen it is important that you choose the right areas.

Otherwise you could end up wasting your time and money.

You need to know where your customers go for information and where they buy products and services in your market.

Is it online or offline or a combination of both?

Do they only shop around in the local area or search nationally?

Defining where you need to have a presence helps you focus your marketing activities, time and money.

The Right Time

Most markets have certain times when customers are in the informational stage or the buying stage.

It could be daily for some consumer products.  Or it could be at certain times of the year, such as needing an accountant to do your tax returns.

If you are entering a new market, have a look at your competitors’ activities. See when they are the most active as this will give you a guideline.

The important thing to note is you always need to make sure your customers can see your brand’s difference to competitors.

The Right Consistency

As a consumer have you ever noticed that certain television commercials are on air every time you watch certain programs? This is deliberate as they know what you watch and when you watch certain programs.

They also know that they can’t show an advertisement once and expect you to rush to the local supermarket, remember the brand and buy it.

Gaining awareness takes time. Once you have identified the right place and the right time, have a consistent presence.

The right message is of course vital and I will cover that in another post.

Remember  when you want to find new customers you will become bored and want to move on and try something different long before they even start to notice your brand.

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8 Responses to Find New Customers By Gaining Awareness

  1. Early days yet – but at the moment we are creating awareness through the blog by writing about either project management directly (and making it simple to understand which is what we are about!) or about business “stuff” that interests us.

    Also, contributing to Bizsugar and similar creates awareness also, but it will be interesting to see whether it will be the “personal” rather than the business brand that gets developed. Of course – the two are probably connected anyways.

    Other things we will be doing include TV appearance (March hopefully) along with standard advertising, radio sponsorship etc here in Ireland.

    We shall see how effective things are!

    • Thanks for sharing Barney and it usually is a combination of things, including as you mentioned personal and business.
      Best of luck

  2. Hi Susan – what a useful article. As someone who is not “marketing/branding savvy” it is nice to have it explained in simple terms! I particular like the reminder that gaining awareness takes time. Cheers.

    • Hi Barney,

      Thank you and I appreciate your comment. You may be surprised how savvy you really are. Can you share how you gain awareness as your product looks really interesting?

  3. Nice one, Susan. I’m a HUGE fan of consistency when it comes to communications. Everything you write either builds or erodes your brand. There’s no middle path. Especially if you’re trying to deal with high-end clients, bodgy spelling and grammar will sink you before you even launch. Keep up the ace posts! Best regards, P. 🙂

    • Hi Paul,

      If you think about anything we do and succeed in, we need to be consistent in our efforts. If we are not consistent we get into what I call start, stop, start marketing which wastes a lot of time.

      You make a good point about high end clients. Do you find them less forgiving than small business clients with writing mistakes?

      • Too right, Susan. When I worked with ad agencies, I attended pitch meetings where the whole concept was threatened by a spelling error pointed out by one of the client’s managers.

        By the end of my tenure, I’d become an informal ‘gatekeeeper’ for big pitches and tenders. Some of the errors in the tenders would make your hair curl. Yet they were being sent to senior government officials. A BIG risk after so much work putting the huge document together!

        • Doing a final check is important. I was once told after having a magazine ad get publised with a typo to read all documents etc backwards to pick up mistakes. Thanks for bringing up these points Paul.