Does Every Business Need A Marketing Review?

No they don’t. marketing reviews need

If you have tracking in place, achieving your objectives and are happy with your progress then for the moment you do not.

When to do a full marketing review?

When you have questions and need answers.

I bring it down to two areas. One is if there is where you want to improve performance in an area and the other is when you are seeking growth opportunities.


If you find that your business is not performing as you would like then it is a good idea to seek what is stopping it. The simplest way is to take a step back. For example ask yourself is the problem getting customers or keeping customers.

By answering this will guide you to look either externally first such looking if anything has happened in your market. Or look externally such as your market. This saves you time and money


When you are looking for business growth opportunities then a review and analysis can speed up the process and help ensure the opportunity is worthwhile.

This type of marketing review will contain some different elements than the performance review. And it depends on what type of grow you are looking for.

For example if you decide that there could be an opportunity to add to your product or service range then naturally you will look to see if there is demand, level of competitors etc.

If you want your customers to buy more often then you would look at what situations this could be suitable for or what products or services you could group together etc.

The final thing to note is with any analysis the aim is to get the answers so you can get into action as soon as you can and not fall victim to analysis paralysis.

Over to you

Have you done a full marketing review on your own business? If you have share you tips. And if you have any questions about reviews feel free to ask them when you leave a comment.

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10 Responses to Does Every Business Need A Marketing Review?

  1. Great suggestions, Susan. Sometimes it’s time for a marketing review simply because the old stuff isn’t working anymore. Even the best marketing strategy can loose effectiveness. Audiences change. Sentiments change. If you’re noticing a problem, don’t ignore it. It may be time to take a new approach.

    • Thanks Heather. Absolutely agree the best marketing strategy can lose effectiveness and especially these days change is happening sometimes at a fast pace. being open to a review and to a new approach can make a difference.

  2. Agree with you completely about when you need a marketing review, Susan, I quote you: “if you want to improve performance in an area or when you are seeking growth opportunities.”

    Marketing reviews should not become like report writing done on a continous basis to show that you are doing someting. It’s the results of your marketing that counts:-)

    • Glad you brought up report writing Catarina and agree with you about the results. This brings up if you are monitoring on a continuous basis, make sure you are tracking the right things that lead to results, rather than nice to know.

  3. Isn’t it something we should always be doing (but don’t)? … LOL. I guess for me I have used analytics to determine who reads what, when they read it and what is the most popular items on my blog. With that information, I am better able to guide what I need to post. That does help, but I do find asking for others (which includes my readers) opinions can help give a me different perspective on the information as well.

    • Hi Susan,

      Your tracking and adjustments are a great example for others and asking others their opinion is one many don’t do. Probably because they may not like the answers:)

  4. I don’t think that marketing review is must have for every blogger. if you feel like only… Well, actually I’m not the fan of such things, although I strictly follow all the rules of the right marketing!

        • Hi Peter,

          No tracking results are not a review. A marketing review goes into depth looking at all aspects of a business. From the market you operate in, your competitors, customers, strategies etc. All businesses, whether online or offline have times when a review is required. Thanks for asking the question.