Could You Do The Opposite To Get More Clients?

It may seem a scary thought at first. get more clients

But it can make a difference when you want to get more clients. And it is a way of using simplicity as a competitive advantage.

If you are entering a crowded market, you can’t afford to be the same.

Years ago, when I worked in marketing we were going to enter the cough remedy market.

The market was competitive and seasonal.

We decided we needed a different marketing strategy to get new customers.


All the competitors produced their product as a liquid in a bottle. And they had other ingredients in them, which sometimes worked against each other.

To develop a product just the same would have meant relying on dollars to win the promotional and advertising war.

This was not a smart way to go, so we looked for a different approach.

The first thing we looked at was the ingredients and decided on one ingredient only.

After all, when do you have a dry cough and a congested cough at the same time?

It also meant we could have two products one for a dry cough and one for the congested cough.


At the time there was also new technology surfacing in the gel capsules.

So we thought as some people found it inconvenient to swig out of a bottle at work or when they were out this could be a simple solution.

The concept is similar to the chewing gum which when you bite down liquid is released and the gel capsule dissolved. The concept was different to others and based when I think about it 20 years later on simplicity.

Ingredients And Delivery

While you may think single ingredients only apply to products it can also apply to those of you who offer services. Think of single or base level service instead of ingredients.

It comes down to a little imagination, knowing your customers and not wanting to be a sheep to get new customers.

It will take work however it can differentiate your product or service in the market and minds of customers. This approach is one way to use simplicity in the design of your products or services.

If this is not an option then it may be the way you deliver your products or services that are the opposite to your competitors.

Either way the less customers have to think when comparing products or services the less stress they will have when making buying decision. It simplifies their buying decisions and helps grow your business.

Over To You: Have you thought of this type of concept to get more clients? 

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11 Responses to Could You Do The Opposite To Get More Clients?

  1. Everybody seems to chase new customers. Remember that the cost of upselling to exitsting customers is often only a fraction of doing a newbizz sale.

  2. I think Susan Cooper and I are thinking along the same lines regarding blog growth. Time to think ‘outside the box’. Maybe something simple and different… hmmm….

  3. Great example of innovation Susan.

    Far too often companies, and people for that matter, get stuck in the normal way of doing things. Look at Nokia that laughed when Apple came up with the Iphone. And airlines that thought low price airlines like Ryanair were a silly idea. They are all now going down the drain.

  4. Hi Susan,
    If you are at all familiar with the 90’s sitcom Seinfeld, you may recall the story arc in which the character of George Costanza began acting the opposite of the way he had acted all his life. He had always been afraid to approach attractive women for fear of being rejected and had always said what he believed others wanted to hear rather than what he truly thought. As soon as he began to act opposite to the way he had acted all his life, his endless string of failures became an endless string of successes.

  5. I agree, looking for a different appraoch to market a product is important, especially if there are a lot of competitors. The challenge for me is how to use this approach in blogging to acquire new loyal subscribers. That has been on my mind allot if late. :)))

    • Perhaps you are asking the wrong question Susan regarding subscribers. As a suggestion and you probably have done this already but do a competitive analysis as I have found answers can pop out as to another solution that they have missed.

  6. Your post is spot on and actually reminds me of the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you have them do unto you. We really must remember to slip into the shoes of our customers, thinking and feeling the way that they do. Then if we ask ourselves, “what do I want” our marketing path will take shape.

    Last week, I met a woman who proposed that I work with her parent clientele. I asked her what their top three needs were and she said she wasn’t sure. Our first step is to put out a survey will ask what three life issues they would most like to address. After this, we’ll know how best to proceed.

    Excellent post Susan!