Get New Customers Now By Deleting Actions

Two words, one written and one implied can mean a huge difference when you want new customers now to grow your business.

new customers barrier

Customers like choices, but they like them on their terms especially these days.

To have a fresh start to the year doesn’t have to be complicated.

In fact it can be simple for you, your business and new customers.

The two words than can make or break are:

Either and Or.

Here is how it works.

Website Barriers

How often have you been to a website wanting to buy or book an appointment or take action and you come up against an invisible barrier.

The barrier is the one the website owner wants you to take before you can get down to business.

As a potential new customer you have to fill out a contact form, phone etc to find out the price or more information.

Or you don’t get to buy the service or product.

If you have a website that does this means you could be losing sales every day.

This either or approach can be frustrating for your customers. The reason is when visiting the website the customer has to take extra steps. They have either to ring you or wait for you to email them back or meet them.

For you it could take days to even get close to gaining the sale or a meeting to discuss their situation.

An Alternative

As it is the new year why not simplify the buying path for new customers. Sure it will take a little work for you to do it, but it is not difficult. And once it is done you need only to track and perhaps tweak to improve your results.

Give them a choice they can buy, book etc online as a choice as well as the contact form or phone number for more information.

What and how you do it depends on what you sell and your customers. The idea is use simplicity as a competitive advantage to attract new customers now to your business.

And the added bonus is it saves you time which is a nice way to start the year.

Over To You

Do you think this approach could help your business to get new customers now? 

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24 Responses to Get New Customers Now By Deleting Actions

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. So often there’s some kind of technical exercise involved in reaching a client or getting in touch with someone. Even on some blogs, the captcha is so complicated that I give up!! I think sometimes people are in love with technology and assume the more, the merrier – when in fact, they’re scaring people away!

    • I agree about captcha Krystyna especially where there are some great spam plugins that stop spammers without readers knowing. Your last sentence sums it up so well and they may not even know they are scaring people away.

  2. You are so right, I hate website barriers. My biggest fear about having to provide a plethora of details is OMG, I’m going to be spammed. It keeps me away from making a purchase.

  3. I know that when I come across new blogs, I won’t even bother to stick around more than a second if a loud, obtrusive pop-up demanding any sort of information comes on the scene. Talk about first impressions! It’s just too easy to hit the back button and be on my way.

  4. Hi Rose,

    I like your last sentence about putting everything upfront and accessible as it sums it up what customers are increasingly demanding.

    Thanks for commenting

  5. Hi Susan,
    And thanks for sharing with the BizSugar community. Once again we see that some of the hardest work lies in simplifying the buying process for customers.

  6. Totally agree with this, nothing annoys me more than needing to complete a simple task on a website and not being able to do it. Now, I have to think about what that means for my site 🙂

    • Hi Dan,

      It is usually the simple things that can annoy us the most even as someone commented getting a free ebook. Your site looks pretty good to me 🙂 Now off to read your post about paying off your debt which I am sure is an inspiration to others.

  7. It can make a huge difference Susan and it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Perhaps it is a case of over thinking or fear of breaking away from old habits. What do you think?

    • Many times I believe it’s the fear of messing up what seems to be working. Old habits not so much, because business owners by their very nature are always thinking about how to improve but not always looking in the right place.

  8. Susan, You are absolutely right! You often mention simplifying and you really drive home your point with this article. I find it so frustrating to have to put an item in my shopping cart just to find out the price. Some sites actually make you go far enough into the buying process that I fear I’m confirming my order! Unless it’s a product that I’m having difficulty finding, I rarely proceed. The key is to make it easy for our customers and clients to purchase from us and not to put “obstacles” up to bar them. Great post!

    • Hi Sherryl,

      I had that experience recently and spent far too long searching for the price and gave up. I didn’t know that some sites make you get into the buying process. I wonder why they do that and not be upfront. It would be like going into a supermarket and only finding out the price when you are standing in the check out queue.

  9. Susan — right on with this post. It is irritating to have to jump through hoops to download a free e-book or subscribe to a blog. It’s as bad as menu hell when you’re calling your phone company or utility. I also wish bloggers would make it easier to find the comment and subscription boxes. Your site is great. I know just what to do!

    • Thanks Jeannette, really appreciate your comment. I like your words menu hell and it is so true and frustrating. I have given up getting free stuff because of what you mentioned about jumping through hoops. Too much trouble. And agree about trying to find subscription boxes when it is not that difficult to make it simple and obvious.