Cut Down The Time Barrier To Attract Customers

One thing that is obvious today is the stress of time. attract customers reduce time

And what you are expected to cram into 24 hours. This also applies to your customers.

It would be great if you could top up with time when you need it. Unfortunately nobody has discovered how to do this.

The good news is if you can cut down the time barrier, it can benefit your business and attract customers.

The time barrier has to do with removing complexities and use simplicity.

The usual way

If you offer a service you need a brief as to what the customer wants you to do. This is especially the case with new customers. Sometimes they will supply it and sometimes they don’t. If your customers are the latter you may supply a briefing form.

This is standard practice and often the questions from companies are the same and in a similar format.

Depending on your customer they may be able to answer the questions in detail or they may give it their best shot. It may also take a meeting or emails to get all the information you need.

This takes more time for both of you. Often it is not a simple process for you or your customers.

Is they a better way?

Instead of standard practice that every business follows, could you change one aspect?

For example if businesses wants a review how to use simplicity marketing strategies the usual way is to ask certain open ended questions. From the answers you do the analysis and report back.

Sometimes customers don’t know or give incomplete answers . This means you have to spend extra time and ask more questions. After you have gone back and forth a few times the customer may see this as a complicated process.

And that is not what you want when your objective to attract customers to grow your business. Any time you can delete steps they have to take makes it simpler for them to buy your products or services.

What I did was borrow from the research industry. Instead of relying on open ended questions only, I include multiple choice answers that they select from.

If they want to add more information they can but it means less going back and forth and saves us both time. This means customers have more time to spend elsewhere and I have more time working on business growth opportunities.

If you could save your customers time they will thank you. It could mean that a business growth opportunity that has been on the back burner can now get your attention. You can perhaps attract even  more customers.

One key to attract customers is to make sure it is simple for them and benefits your business.

Over to you

Have you ever looked to make changes to save your customers’ time that benefits both of you? If you have a service business do you get briefs from customers differently from your competitors?

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17 Responses to Cut Down The Time Barrier To Attract Customers

  1. I actually wish businesses would spend more time trying to save my time – what a great edge that company would have.
    Great concept 🙂

  2. You should check spelling and sentence structure before you publish your blog. Your message loses effectiveness when there are glaring errors.

  3. That’s a great idea to consider the customer’s time – usually I’m preoccupied with how much time I’m spending on a project. I’ll be sure to take a moment and be more thoughtful about how I can offer my customers more value just by taking up less of their precious time!

  4. I like the idea of the multiple choice questions. They help to lead the customer a bit more than just leaving it open to interpretation.

    Many times people have so much on their mind that when you want them to think with their own input, in can be difficult for them to focus. With a bit of guidance they have a better chance of finding the direction they need.

    • Hi Jon,

      You bring up a really important point about people have so much on their minds which is so true. The nice thing about multiple choice is you can make it personal with qualitative type choices versus yes no answers. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Susan — What a smart idea. I hadn’t thought of using multiple-choice questions. There is always the option — as in most research studies — to add an open-ended comment but being specific helps to focus the prospect on his needs from among several choices.

    • It does help them to focus Jeannette and it gets you thinking of why you ask the questions and what the responses could be, so you only include what is necessary. From some feedback it makes it more interesting for them as well. I think it could work well for your business.

  6. Any time a business offers me the opportunity to save time. it’s golden for me. I will actually pay a little more to save time then just to save. For me I look to make it as easy as possible to get what it is they came for on my site. However, It is a constant tweaking process. 🙂

    • I am with you Susan, I would pay more too 🙂 It is a case of tweaking and sometimes the tiny steps or tweaks can make a difference. Must now hop over to your site to read about chocolate red wine.