Can Your Customers’ Moods Affect Your Sales?

To be effective in getting more customers you can’t leave it to chance. new customers moods

As this makes your marketing more difficult to get results.

Yesterday in the paper there was a story about a giraffe named Kitoto.

They were trying to move her from one zoo to another, but couldn’t get her into the loader.

Apparently, she wasn’t in the mood to comply, because giraffes do not like the rain.

They knew this insight so they could make a decision quickly to change their plans, even if it was a short term set back.

The story reminded me that in business it is important to know your customers’ moods and take the right action.

 Customer Insights

If you know how your customers think, feel and behave, it is easier to identify when changes occur.

You can take action at the right time to minimise set backs to your business. It may not be the best in the short term but you can still make sure you are still on track to achieve your objective.

Customer Steps

Regarding Kitoto, they knew there were actions that had to occur before the big move. It was not a case of on the day put her into the loader.

In any action you want customers to take there are stages they going through when you want them to buy for the first time.

Breaking the steps down does not have to be complicated. It does mean however that your marketing focus and elements need to be aligned for each step to be completed.

With practice you and looking at your data you will be able to see the signals that all is not well and take the right action.

Over To You

Do you know the steps your customers take to buy your products or services?

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14 Responses to Can Your Customers’ Moods Affect Your Sales?

  1. I loved how you linked this important concept of knowing your customer’s moods with Kitoto. As of now, India is celebrating the Hindu New Year Diwali and sales, especially of expensive white goods, cars, flats, gold, are all picking up. These sales are seasonal. Yet, non-Diwali time, it would be important for the sellers to gauge the customers mood, break up the pitch in several components and sell appropriately. It is essential to see an opportunity under all circumstances.

    • Hi Lubna,

      I like the way you wrote “see an opportunity in all circumstances” because so many just focus on certain times like the new year sales. Glad you liked the analogy.

  2. It’s so true. Anticipating the process a customer will go through to make a decision to do business with you or someone else can have many benefits. It will educate us on what steps we need to do in order to make that process easier for the customer. It also tells us what we may have missed in our over all analysis of our products or business activities. 🙂

  3. Good example with the giraffe Susan! Of course your customers’ moods have an impact on your sales. If you manage to talk to them on the wrong day you may end up with no sales due to their mood. So it’s essential to know how to handle them.

    • Hi Catarina,

      It is essential to know how to handle them as you say. Also if we understand then as in the case of the giraffe it had nothing to do with the handlers, so we don’t have to take it personally if they are a little moody.

  4. Hi Susan,
    It can take some time to get to know your customers on this level, especially if you’ve got a lot of them, but I think it can be incredibly useful. Over time being able to anticipate customer behavior can help you avoid missteps that could potentially cost you time and money. Of course, it may take some trial and error to gain this kind of insight. Consider it an investment in improving your customer service.

    • Hi Heather,

      It can take time and the depth does depend on what you sell and as you mentioned the number of customers. I like the way you called it an investment as this can give your business a great return.

  5. Being in a service industry, I can give a potential client a complimentary session so that they can get an idea of what the coaching process is all about. It’s my job to schedule it at a time that is most convenient for the client and then to get them in a good place so that they leave the call feeling great and in the mood! So far it has been a helpful step but I do need to figure out how to seal the deal before their mood shifts!

    • Hi Keyuri,

      That can be the hard part, but I am your clients appreciate your efforts to help them get into a good place.

      Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts.

  6. I think yes it can be affect the sales when the customers seems like not in mood. When you observe, you can see that they do not want to buy more, they intend to buy only those things that they only need.