Supercharge Your Customer Service With Simplicity

You hear the phone ring and think yes a customer is ringing. customer service simplicity

The only problem you are already with a customer so the call goes to voice mail.

This means you have to call back and if they are not there you play telephone tag.

I was the customer and after three attempts I finally made a booking for a facial.

As I was getting the facial we discussed how often it happens.  The business owner said it occurred often and many times customers didn’t leave a voice mail.

So we discussed a simple idea to benefit the business and the customer.

What if there was a way to use simplicity in your marketing strategy as part of your customer service.

Online Bookings

Why not allow customers to book an appointment online?

After all we book airline tickets and hotels.

The salon liked the idea and are working to get all the information needed on their website so customers have this option.

All the clients do is login see when a time is available and book.

No more missed calls and time saved from returning calls.

For the customer booking will be simple, especially if they want to book after hours.

After all you never know when you have that feeling that a facial is needed.

Competitive Advantages

As no other salon is providing this customer service it will give them a competitive advantage to grow their business. It makes the business more productive and reduces stress when they are with a customer.

It is also a great way to get new customers by reducing the steps they have to take to use the service. And it improves the service as customers can book at any time of the day or night. This means potential more sales.

If you make simplicity an essential part of your marketing strategies you use simple ideas to make a difference. 

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24 Responses to Supercharge Your Customer Service With Simplicity

  1. Hello, Susan. I’ve followed your blog for a while. Your idea about simplicity is bright and useful. It’s important to make a simple strategy for a company. And for execution, it should be detailed.

    • Thank you for following the blog and if I might ask what is your name as it makes it better to reply to your comment.

      Good point about execution and thanks for adding this to the discussion.

  2. Great idea Susan. We should be able to schedule appointments online. Jeannette’s example of a hospital that allows you to book online is perfect.

    • Jeannette’s example does show how it can work well. Luckily these days we have some simple technology that makes online bookings quite easy to do even for small businesses.

  3. What a wonderfully simple solution Susan! I would love to be able to schedule appointments online. I hope their website is mobile friendly too. That would be a big advantage if customers could book online right from your smartphone. Great example of simplifying!

      • I can’t think of anyone who I schedule appointments with who has those capabilities. I would definitely use them if I could. I always book all my travel reservations online but my hairdresser still uses a DOS based reservation system in their salon. I cringe every time I see the computer program that they use.

  4. This is a great idea, Susan. I have a contact form on my website that has been a helpful tool. Many people feel intimidated about what I do because they don’t understand it, but they’ll always ask questions through the contact form and that starts a dialogue. Great post.

  5. Anytime you can simply things for your customer, generally speaking it will do the same for you. I always love it when I have an option to set an appointment online because I can see whats available and make good decisions as to when to set an appointment around my schedule. The times they are a changing. 🙂

    • Times certainly are a changing Susan and this online appointment is not that frequent here. No doubt it will become more popular as it does have benefits. now all I have to do is convince my hairdresser to stop using a book for appointments which often looks like a child has drawn in it 🙂

  6. I changed my primary care physician about a year ago. She’s part of a major teaching hospital that has implemented electronic records. Each patient has her own online account where you can make appointments, send an email to your doctor and check all your own records. If you need a prescription refilled, they contact the pharmacy electronically. Nothing for the patient to do. It’s heaven.

  7. If I have to call the business more than twice for an appointment I just give up and go somewhere else. In this age of mobile and Internet technology everyone wants instant gratification. If your business does not facilitate it the customers will pack up and go somewhere else.

    The solutions do exist and are easy and cheap for small businesses to take advantage of. You can choose to ignore them at your own peril.

    • Hi Harry,

      I am not sure they ignore them, rather that they never thought of possible solutions. That said people are impatient and want instant gratification.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. You actually really surprised me Susan when you said that the salon didn’t offer online bookings, nor did they have any competition for this option.

    I suppose that’s the trap we fall into when we work in this space, you tend to forget that the vast amount of business owners are still learning about the capabilities that being online will give them.

    I hope you also told them to add that piece of information to their voicemail message too 🙂

    • Jackie, the majority don’t in any state as I did a search. Many do not even have websites. I did tell them to add it to their voicemail message and they are going to use the good old fashioned brochure to give to customers in the salon.

    • Hi Keyuri,

      We are getting to be an impatient society aren’t we? You are right that businesses must make it easy as unfortunately there are many other business we can choose to buy from. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Absolutely! Sometimes simple things like this are staring us in the face and we do not see them. Kudos to you for helping them sort this out! 🙂

    • Thanks Cheryl and the nice part is they got onboard straight away instead of thinking up potential obstacles. You are so right about things staring us in the face and not seeing them. I guess it all comes back to looking at your business from a customer’s perspective.