Increase Customer Retention The Simple Way

It doesn’t work. customer retention simple way

I often hear this from small business owners when they talk about marketing.

Usually it is about the marketing tactics they are implementing. I call it blame the tactic syndrome.

One reason why marketing tactics get a bad rap is they are not looked in conjunction with what results are desired.

Another reason is that unrealistic expectations are placed on implementing certain tactics. The term marketing mix was first used decades ago and that is because successful marketing is a mixture of elements.

Same as a successful recipe.

Some may have more of a starring role but it is the combination that makes the difference.

Here is a simple way to see if your tactics are designed to achieve customer retention. It is one I look at with the simplicity services to get insight into what is working and ways to simplify to get better results.

Here goes:

  • On a piece of paper or in a word document put customer retention at the top. This applies if you want to retain your sponsors or advertisers for a blog. If you have a hobby blog then you can put readers or subscribers at the top.
  • Underneath list all actions you are taking to reach this objective. Remember to include what you are doing with your products or services, pricing, distribution etc as well as these have an impact.
  • Be as specific and detailed as possible and don’t forget to include all that you do on your website as well.
  • Look at the results.

By doing this small exercise you will be able to see a few things such as:

  • If you are using specific tactics to get results of customer retention
  • Whether the tactics chosen to get the results were the right ones to implement. This is a common mistake many businesses make as it can be one size fits all approach.
  • Whether the combination works or not
  • What to keep doing
  •  What to throw out
  • What to tweak
  • What to change

If you did the exercise and you can’t put your tactics under the specific objective fear not because it is not that difficult to do.

Some of you may think the purpose of simple marketing is to save time or money. That is not true as the real purpose is to grow your business and you could find you are more profitable along the way.

Try the exercise and email me your results or if you have any other tips please share them below.

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18 Responses to Increase Customer Retention The Simple Way

  1. One of the best comments is are using specific tactics to get results of customer retention. I think I we have a tendency to be all of over the place. Customer retention is based on USP Unique selling proposition. What differentiate you from others. Putting that out there your customers will start to see that you are worthwhile to work with. Today people expect service, so you need to go beyond that. With this in mind I would start writing down why my customer’s should come back.

    • Hi Rudee,

      Great point about people expect service so you need to go beyond that. Agree with you and good luck with the reasons why customers should come back to your business.

  2. As I have just got back from holidays, this is on my to do list for next week.
    Thank you for the sharing this so I can put a plan in place 🙂

  3. Some really great takeaway advice in this Susan, thanks.

    As someone who has just set up a blog, it really allowed me to focus on getting it right from the start!

  4. Susan — I consider tactics for customer retention as being different from tactics to bring in new customers. To retain customers you first have to give them great service. How are you achieving that? Where are you failing? Are you asking for feedback on an ongoing basis? Are you coming up with new ideas for the client? Are you giving something to the client they don’t have to pay for? I’m glad you wrote about this topic because it’s forcing me to answer these questions for myself.

    • Hi Jeannette,

      Often the tactics are different although you can use the same tactic but in another way, such as email. Your questions are great and would certainly help ensure you are on track to retain your customers. Thanks for sharing these Jeannette.

  5. I’m using LinkedIn for B 2 B accounts. I am joining groups, engaging with people I know there and even started my own group, too. many people are helping each other and referring business.

  6. A lot of people definitely have unrealistic expectations on what they can achive with marketing. The worst is when they believe placing one ad will immediately result in 1000s of new customers.Or staring a company blog will the first day it’s launched end up #1 on Google search for whatever keyword.

    Susan, wouldn’t it be good to have a magic wand and just make it happen instead of having to explain that it will take approx 6 months before you get much more traffic to your homepage as a result of adding a blog.

    • A magic wand would come in very handy Catarina. Don’t you think some of the unrealistic expectations are due to what is posted on the web, about tactics or the latest tactic you must do.

  7. I LOVE this. It really helps one to focus on the core of their plans. It also helps an individual see where they need some shoring up in their plan. I’ll be doing this for myself. I helps me step out of the Forrest to see the trees more clearly. 🙂