Are You Leaving Customer Retention To Luck?

Hopefully you have a simple customer retention strategy in place.

customer retention luck

If not, then you can help ensure your customers keep buying by looking at all the touch points they can have with your business.

And develop processes for each important touch point.

The processes can benefit your business and your customers.

They can save your business costs, increase sales and simplify the lives of your customers.

I was reminded of this when I received a monthly newsletter from the software company I use for internet security.

Thinking about it whenever I have had dealings with them it was simple.

For example, they automatically send you an email and give you a discount when you subscribe each year. If you have a problem, they handle it swiftly and help you understand what happened and how it can be fixed.

What are the touch points?

Even though it will depend on your business and size there are certain touch points that customers will have with your business. By listing them, it allows you to see all the possibilities where you can have a process.

Touch points include:

Develop processes

It doesn’t have to be a tomb of paper. Instead, look for the simple ways to communicate and engage with customers.

Simply by noting the steps to take can save hours versus if you do it in an ad hoc manner. If you have employees, it makes their job easier so they can follow the process instead of asking you or their manager what to do.

If you already have processes then look to how you can simplify them for your customers and your business.

For example the company that I use for internet security knows what things can go wrong. Initially when I had a problem they would fix it over the phone. Now they offer that plus they send an email with the step by step instructions in case it occurs again.

This saves me money and time and reinforces the decision to keep buying the product.

If you do not have any processes in place, take it one step at a time. Processes may sound tedious but if they increase customer retention and sales, they are worth doing.

Over to you: do you have simple processes in place for the touch points with your current customers?
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10 Responses to Are You Leaving Customer Retention To Luck?

  1. Good article, Susan.

    The touch point you mention are really important.

    Personally believe it’s a good idea to also contact your customers after you have done an assignment for them and make sure they are content.

    What your internet security company did by adding emails with step by step instructions is a good example of adding something customers value.

  2. Susan — sometimes the easiest thing to do is just ask your customers what they want. Do they want a progress report daily, weekly, monthly? Do they prefer to be in touch by phone or email? You’ve got to know what’s important to them and to be in regular communication. Understanding their needs and keeping in communication are the most important aspects of retaining a client, in my view.

  3. I think all of those “touch points” will come naturally to any business that seeks to build real relationships with their customers.

    Plenty of companies have processes in place to handle each and every one of those points. The problem is the look at (and treat) their customers like numbers. They are more interested in building a relationship with their customers’ money- especially after those funds have entered the corporate bank accounts… and it shows.

    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and agree with you if companies do look and treat customers like numbers. This makes it an opportunity for other companies that do not and simplify the experience for their customers.

  4. There are times I would love to set down with the marketing person at a company and show them how to SHORTEN the information they send out. They often lose me because they send me a dissertation instead of basics of the information. There is a saying “less is more”. Some need to learn that, don’t you think?