Creating Your Marketing Plan

This is the third post of the series.

We look at selecting your sales and marketing objectives, marketing strategies and your marketing plan simplemarketing tactics.

If you have analysed your business, customers, market and competitors then it becomes easier to create your marketing plan.

Tips were given how to do this in the last post.

The aim of creating a marketing plan is to set your business up to succeed during the year.

The steps involved in creating your marketing plan that I have found useful over many years are as follows:

Set Sales Objective

Set a realistic objective to achieve for the year and break the objective down by monthly targets.

Having monthly or even weekly targets helps you see what is needed to be achieved with your marketing efforts.

Establish Your Marketing Budget

This will guide you when you are selecting your marketing tactics.

It also means that as the year progresses you can see how much you have spent per month versus the sales you have achieved.

If you are comfortable with financials it is also a good idea to work out what the proposed marketing budget does to your business’s profitability.

You can always ask your accountant to help you with this. One thing to remember, that some marketing tactics may not cost money but they will involve your time which is still a cost to your business.

Select Your Marketing Objectives

Keep it simple.

If this is the first time you are doing this then just choose one or two objectives you want to achieve.

The main thing in setting the objectives is that it will keep you on track when selecting your marketing tactics.

Select Your Marketing Strategy

 I call this your overall game plan.  It helps you choose what areas of the business you are going to focus on to achieve your objectives.

For example you may decide to focus on the attracting customers with emphasis on the delivery of your service.

Choose Your Marketing Tactics

If you have followed the above then you are now in a position to choose those tactics.

Examples of tactics could be a service delivery guarantee that you promote on your website, brochures, business cards, PR for all potential customers to see.

Remember the KISS way and set up a simple marketing calendar so you can chart your progress by month.

Also a marketing plan should be an active and is not cast in stone so review your progress per month.

If you need to change your marketing tactics or sales forecast etc then that is fine.

By creating a marketing plan means you are in control of your business. And just makes running your business easier.

Do you have any tips to share?