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How To Create A Customer Profile

This handbook will show you step by step how to create a customer profile simply.

Having a customer profile takes the guess work out of your marketing. When you know how your customers think, feel and behave you will have stronger customer relationships. And increase your sales and profits.

This handbook includes the information you need if you sell to consumers and what to include if you sell to other businesses.

In this 36 page handbook you get:

Step 1. Develop your customer profile

  • The benefits of a customer profile for your business and why it is important
  • Detailed information on all areas that make up a customer profile
  • Step by step guide to help you find their buying behaviour, communication styles, personality, attitudes, demographics, social media etc
  • Easy to use templates that guide as you complete your profile. One template is for those of you selling to consumers and one for those of you selling to other businesses.
  • Completed customer profile examples to make it simple for you to follow

Step 2. Making sense of it all

  • How to use your customer profile to fine tune your key point of difference so your competitors do not stand a chance
  • How to increase your online and offline communication with your key customers
  • How to use the information as the basis of briefing suppliers
  • Use the customer profile to increase your referrals
  • How to gain more sales for your products or services

Money back guarantee

This handbook has a simple guarantee. It is backed by a 30 day 100% money refund if you find it is not suited to your needs. No questions and all you have to do is email me to get your money back.

As well you will have my email address if you have any questions or want help as you create your customer profile.

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