Context Is A Key To Attract Customers Successfully

New ideas to attract customers can be exciting.

On any given day you will see people asking for new marketing ideas. attract customers context

And other people helping by providing their thoughts.

While suggestions can be great, one thing that can make ideas or solutions stronger is the context.

This is what frames solutions.

Context Is Key

Without context you are likely to get general ideas or solutions that may not be ideal for your business.

Looking at the circumstances that form the setting for seeking ideas benefits both sides. This means understanding the context as it relates to your business, market and customers.

For example if you are seeking ideas or marketing solutions to attract customers and leave the question at that you will get generic answers.

However if you add that you have three new competitors and customers are price conscious you will get different and more specific solutions. Regarding the competitors you would be looking for ways to smash through the competition clutter.

The only way to get the best possible solutions and ideas is to review the circumstances first. What led up to the situation, what has happened, or is different that leads to the asking the question.

On the other side the ideas and solutions must also have context to benefit your business.

Use Simplicity

One benefit of embracing marketing simplicity is it removes complexity. This means you can develop a marketing strategy and implement tactics that have a purpose.

And you can be more confident you will achieve your marketing objectives.

If you accept ideas or solutions without context then it could mean you will have to try to see if they are applicable. This takes time or money and who wants to waste either of them.

If you have the context then you are able to eliminate ideas or solutions that serve no purpose to providing the solution to your problem.

Embracing simplicity means you can differentiate your business which helps customers during the buying process.

With the growing number of options, you have available today, context will help to you simplify your marketing and get the results you desire.

Over To You: Have you used context to simplify your marketing success?

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16 Responses to Context Is A Key To Attract Customers Successfully

  1. Susan, I’m so used to reading articles about “content” that I paused for a moment when I saw that you were writing about “context”. As usual, you are right on the money! Framing our content in the proper context is key not only to marketing but to writing. Some of the most popular blog posts that I have written include examples that people can relate to. It makes a huge difference. Great post as usual! 🙂

    • Thanks Sherryl,

      It does apply to writing as well and you provide the context really well on your blog as it makes it so simple for your readers to understand.

  2. It’s so easy to overlook the obvious, stepping back to look at key areas instead of floundering around. We are all guilty! Thank you for pointing this out. Too often we waste time on trying to find complicated solutions when a simple analysis of where we’re at is all we need – to get us moving forward.

    • It is easy to overlook the obvious isn’t it Krystyna and I have done it in the past. That is why I like Lubna’s example as it illustrates the point so well.

  3. Sometimes people are perplexed and only see the big picture. Let’s use an illustration of a car showroom, sales are down – yes the big picture. But sales of white cars are down, this is the context – the key – the answer to which will help improve sales. Once this key is found, it is easy to decipher that monsoons are on, the perception is that dirt and slush is easily visible on white cars – don’t stock white cars during this season — this is the answer…..(Okay, I’ve used an oversimplified illustration) but yes, as you put it, context is so important. Thanks as always for a great post.

  4. So true. Context is as important as the strategy itself, it is the air that our ideas breathe.
    Try to ignore it : it’s like trying to breathe in a cardboard box, without ever knowing what’s going on outside, with your air sure to run out at some point.

  5. This is so true. So many times we are offered some great ideas. Those ideas although wonderful may not be what is best for our business. They become noise that can clutter our minds preventing us from seeing the real context and what we should be focusing on. I know, that has happened to me of late… LOL

  6. Agree with you that “New ideas to grow your business can be exciting”. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea and got so excited I had difficulties going back to sleep.

    Can’t help feeling grateful that I’m not like the people who get the idea to say, get more customers and leave it like that:-)

    Next step develop a simple strategy and persist until it works.

  7. Context is key. Context provides focus so you place a spotlight on what you are trying to achieve. Trying to implement this on my blog for 2013. 🙂