Why Content Can’t Be King

content marketingIn the interest of equality it can’t be queen either.

For content to be king means that all other marketing elements are not as important.

Some elements may have been placed so far down the line it is like being the fourth cousin of the tenth person in line for the throne.

This is not to say content is not important because it is and it has many benefits.

It is perhaps a case of putting into perspective.

You can have compelling content but if your pricing or product or services are not performing then it can slow the growth of your brand.

All elements of the marketing mix including other tactics can’t be put on a set and forget basis if you want to build a strong business.

Perhaps before you do more content perhaps it is worth taking a moment to put it into perspective so you can maximise your time and money.

To make it a little simpler perhaps before you head off to produce another piece of content you do a marketing review and ask yourself a few questions such as:

  • Have you a clear picture of the customers you want to attract and retain?
  • Do you have a simple and concise positioning that the content supports?
  • Why are you producing content?
  • Is your content achieving anything?
  • What are the reasons why you produce content in the various formats?
  • Have you a customer service process in place?
  • Is your pricing right?
  • Have you improved the quality of your product or service lately?
  • Is your point of difference meaningful to customers or me too?

We are lucky today that we have the opportunity to share content and communicate with a bigger group than before.

But to have a brand and business that will grow we need to never forget that all elements need to be looked at.

As always would like to hear your thoughts on this.


16 Responses to Why Content Can’t Be King

  1. Have exactly the same reaction as Sherryl! You are so right in what you say Susan. As if content alone can make a difference.

    Sherryl sums it up in an excellent way “Maybe we should think of content as being a “team player”.” That’s spot on.

    • Sherryl’s term is spot on Catarina. Like many things today and I guess it has always been the case if enough people repeat something others will believe it and not question whether it is right which is a little dangerous in business don’t you think?

      • Absolutely Susan. Blindly following the thoughts of others is not only dangerous for your business…but it will never allow you to become a leader in your own right, with your own thoughts and ideas.

        I like the team analogy too. Focusing on one componenet of your business will cause failure in other areas for sure.

        • Great point about being a leader Jackie and yet you see those that are supposed to be promote this and other myths which their followers repeat.

          I think we have a winner and it is Sherryl with the Team Member.

  2. Well, this was thought provoking Susan. I had never thought: “For content to be king means that all other marketing elements are not as important.” That does put it into perspective. Maybe we should think of content as being a “team player”.

    • Like the term Team Player a lot Sherryl and it is much easier to understand its place. The idea re King was reinforced a few weeks ago when I saw Queen Elizabeth walking ahead of Prince Phillip and even though they have been married for so long he is not seen as her equal. At Least not in public. Any way as you and I know there will be a new kid on the block trying to overthrow Content one day.

  3. I think the point is that whatever you’re selling is the key. If you are marketing drills to people, for example, you better make sure those drills work or else you wont make much money in the long run. The same holds true if you run a website and are just bringing interesting information to people. That information better be good or you wont develop much of a following. Of course, you wont get optimal results without all aspects of the marketing mix, that’s why its called a mix. Btw, you sure like the word perhaps huh?

  4. That’s right, Susan. Providing content is not enough. People should remember that. Your content should speak with authority, not just a general topic that most people already know.

      • Well writing a blog based on what you know shouldn’t be difficult for you. But if everyone is talking about the same topic at the moment, you should ask yourself, what else your target reader should know about it? Show your own results, experiments and share any recommendation you may have.

  5. Hi there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Many thanks!