Is Complexity Hurting Your Business Success?

It is tempting to add to your marketing thinking it may grow your brand.

This can occur when you seeking a competitive advantage.

Or to keep up with competitors and others in the market.

However these actions can make your marketing more complex.

One reason for this is your customers have to think more or take more actions than what they had to do before.

For example LinkedIn has now added endorsements.

I am not sure of the true need for it or the additional benefits over recommendations.

However it does mean it is one extra thing to think about and it takes up more time.

Keeping things simple means leaving some things out.

This could be a marketing tactic, a group of customers to target or features of your product or service.

Avoid The Temptation

Before you add anything to your marketing, think about why you are and does it have a true benefit.

For example if you are adding another feature, product or service is it because of a need you have uncovered.

Or is it because others have it and you think you need to keep up with them.

If you are thinking of adding another tool take a moment and see if it will help you achieve your objectives quicker or more cost effectively. If it does then why not leave it out.

For example there are now a number of commenting systems you can use, such as Disqus or Livefyre

Both require login, remembering passwords etc.

Compare them to the simple one that comes with WordPress.

It doesn’t have any bells and whistles but it is simple for people to leave a comment.  And you do not need to worry about any upgrades to it or making sure it works with WordPress upgrades.

To simplify your marketing and leave things out doesn’t mean you have to go minimalistic.

Instead as in your personal life it means you are taking planned action that is best for you, your business and customers.

Over To You

Do you avoid the temptation? Also if anyone can tell me what is the true need of LinkedIn endorsements gets bonus points.

photo credit: hojusaram via photopin cc

4 Responses to Is Complexity Hurting Your Business Success?

  1. It so easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest that we may miss the point or even take the time to stop and ask “why do I need this”. I have been working through my own stuff to determine what I really need to achieve my goals and what is superfluous and should go away. I either do that or hire an assistant… LOL.

    BTW: I like Disqus… just saying 😀

    • Much cheaper to get rid of the superfluous stuff Susan 🙂

      I know you use Disqus and it is great you like it as there is never a one way fits all. Whatever works is the way to go.

  2. That is a really good question about LinkedIn. I starteg getting endorsements but I don’t understand the system. I like keeping things simple, just like you stated. Too many things means you are spread too thin and you may be missing the very mark you are chasing. KISS is a good thing. 🙂