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What Should You Feature To Attract New Customers?

Have you ever looked a house or unit to buy that has been styled? attract new customers simply

If you have, you would have noticed they ooze with simplicity.

Unnecessary furniture, ornaments etc are removed to create space and the right feel.

The stylist knows what feature to highlight that is desired by potential buyers and what the focus should be.

This approach can also help your business attract new customers.

Customer goals

Before you think about what you should take out, look at what your customers are trying to accomplish. Sometimes it can be one step or it can be the overall goal.

By understanding this gives your business a focus that will help your decision making.

Customer dissatisfaction

The key is to look at the results customers measure to see how successful they are in achieving their goals or preventing problems occurring. These measures are based on what solutions they currently use.

It is important to look at where they are dissatisfied, as it will open up opportunities for your business. Sometimes it is obvious and other times you will need to find out, as what you think is an area of dissatisfaction may not be in the customer’s mind.

Look at what result they are looking to improve but can’t find a solution or are looking for a better solution to achieve the goal.

Customer focus

By looking at these two areas can guide you top see what feature or features to highlight and what you may consider throwing out or reducing in importance.

Each additional feature you add is likely to add costs to your business. Having features because competitors have them can add clutter.

By simplifying your product or service could save your business costs as well as attracting customers. It will also simplify the communication and allows your business to have a true competitive difference.

An uncluttered home is inviting and helps attract buyers. Products or services that contain a key feature that help the customer get the results they desire will grow a business.

Over to you: do you have a key feature that you highlight to attract new customers.

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photo credit: Mirage floors via photopin cc

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