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Simplify Your Processes To Get More Customers

If it took some work, would you say no? get more customers simplify processes

How about if the change reduced your costs.

And increased revenue?

It can be comfortable continue business as usual with the same old processes.

Yet to get growth and more customers a fresh look, with a dash of simplicity may be in order.

Simply, Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue

The mistake is trying to make changes to all your processes at once and that is too hard. The good news it can be done in stages and refined along the way.

Simplifying over time can work.

Take my business for example. As with many service businesses, I need to ask questions before I can do any analysis, research or provide recommendations.

Step 1

The first step to simplify the process was to separate out the services into three areas and have questions for each.

However, each questionnaire was still long. And customers had to type in their answers. I had to go through each one before any analysis was done.

Time consuming for customers and me.

Was there a better way?

The answer was yes.

Step 2

Each questionnaire now had sections and multiple choice answers they could choose from. They could also type in more information if they wanted to.

Better and the time was reduced, but could I simplify it more.

Step 3

As I know one customer stress is time, I looked to simplify the questionnaire more.

To improve it I now have the questions in survey form so the customer only has to click the answer. I have also added text boxes with scroll bars so they can type or copy and paste as much information as they like.

This has reduced more time for them and me.

The survey style questionnaire was done in word and it is easy to do.

I am now working on one that simplifies it even further. It would give faster results and reduce more time for myself and customers. This approach may spin off into a product that customers can do for themselves.

All up from being willing to think about and being prepared to be objective to simplify, I have saved myself at least 1 to 2 hours for each questionnaire.

This means I can spend more time with the analysis and recommendations and provide more simplicity reviews and recommendations.

Regardless of whether you sell a service or product, simplifying the processes can benefit your business and customers.

Are you willing to change your process?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. And if you have an example where you simplified a process that benefited your business and customers, share your story.

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