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Are Your Potential Customers Flirting With You?

Attract customersYou have all probably met a flirt at some time in your life.

It can be no big deal if this happens in your social life.

In business it can waste a lot your time and money.

Especially when you want to get new customers now to grow your business.

What does a customer flirt typically do?

Here Are A Few Examples:

  • Show lots of initial interest in your products or services, and then never progress through the buying stages
  • Always subscribe to any of your product or service free offer, but never buy anything
  • They appear to still be interested when you follow up, but say “I need a little more information”
  • They may ask numerous questions but never actually purchase anything
  • Keep apologising and ask for more time before making a decision
  • Leave encouraging comments on your blog but never click on your business offers
  • Get you to do a detailed proposals only to give the project to a competitor

The problem with flirts is that there are not really interested in developing a relationship. This adds complexity to your business which you do not want.

They will always be on the lookout for the next business to flirt with. If you are lucky they may buy from you once but don’t expect them to be a frequent buyer of your products or services.

When you are trying to get new customers it is important that you recognise the flirts.

The reason is so you can build a solid customer profile of those who are looking for a long term relationship.

To Avoid The Flirts:

  • You need to have a clear picture of the customers you want to attract
  • Take note of the signs they have exhibited verbally and written by those so you can be alert to the signs
  • Write down the usual path your customers take when buying your products or services.
  • Have a clear understanding of the buying behaviour of your potential customers

You work hard to get new customers, so don’t be fooled by the customer flirt.

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