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How To Use Frustration To Beat Your Competition

This is not about your potential customers’ frustration. competitors frustration

Instead, this article is how you can take advantage of your competitors’ frustration.

It can help you escape the competition trap to get new customers.

There is nothing sneaky about it. All it requires is for you to observe.

On any day, you will find articles that in some way complain about customers. You will also find comments on the articles, in forums and on social networking sites.

Once one starts you are likely to find others joining in. Customers, who don’t commit, spend the required time, budget etc.

Customers who should be doing something but won’t.

You can feel the frustration of those commenting build as the discussion grows. While all agree with each other, an opportunity is missed.

If customers want to achieve something, but find difficulty with the solutions, there is an opportunity.

Use your observation skills

If you observe the comments, you get an idea of the difficulty that customers have. For example if they complain that customers won’t set aside the time and others agree, then this can a difficulty to solve.

By observing, you can get insights that can open up opportunities for your business to grow.

Simplify the solution

Enough evidence is around that shows customers may pay more for simplified experiences. Especially if you can identify the stress drivers and provide simplified solutions.

It is easy to say what customers should do. The reality is many won’t unless some business provides an alternative solution.

Instead of accepting the status quo and join in complaining, see if you can use simplicity to help customers.

It may not be the accepted best practice. But if simplifying helps customers achieve what they want does it matter?

For example if the common problem is customers will not commit to time, what can your business simplify to solve this issue?

Brainstorm or list options and you may be surprised. Simplifying may benefit your business and customers and your competitors will be left with their continued frustration.

Over to you: have you tried this approach to get new customers and differentiate your business?

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