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How Simplicity Costs Less To Get New Customers

Nobody wants to increase costs to get more customers. simplicity new customers

And if you can reduce costs and achieve your objective then your bottom line is better.

In this article, I will look at one aspect where you can reduce costs by simplifying.

Naturally, it is linked with simplicity and how using it can decrease expenses to get new customers.

One key communication message

It can be tempting to add one more communication message. But like jazz guitarists have found this complicates the music for the audience.

One clear message is cheaper to communicate than three or four messages. If you think of all the materials and areas where you communicate your message you can easily see where the costs adds up

Reduced customer costs

One message is simple for customers to understand which means you do not have to elaborate to explain.

It also means you can repeat and single-mindedly communicate the message. Repetition is important because unlike you, your potential customers need time and repetition for the communication to sink in.

If you have multiple messages then you need to complete the repetition for each message, which increases costs.

Successful brands worked this out and that is one reason why they have a clear single-minded key communication message. And it is based on understanding how your customers think, feel and behave.

Reduced competition costs

The right message that touches customers emotionally reduces the costs of competition because your brand is not seen as a me too.

By having a real differentiation with your message means, you are less likely to compete on price for example.

It means your business can follow its own path and not copy your competitors’ path or message. If your message is the same then you are left with competing on perception, which costs more.

Finally, make sure your key communication message still resonates with your potential customers. As brands develop over time and competitors enter, customers’ perceptions can also change. Check your positioning is still relevant as this will be the guide for your communication.

Simplifying works for your business in many ways, can give your business a competitive advantage and reduce costs.

Over to you: As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. How to you make sure you have one simple key communication message? Showcase your message in the comments or give any examples of brands you think do this well.

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