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How To Declutter Your Pricing And Get New Customers

You bought a product or service but you are not happy with it. simplify pricingsimplify pricingsimplify pricing

And, you thought you saw you could get a refund if you were not satisfied.

So, you ask for a refund. Unfortunately, you are not entitled to one.

When you ask where it says this, you are told it is in the terms and conditions.

As you hunt for the information on the website, you finally find them in the footer.

They are written in a style and tone that a lawyer presenting to the Supreme Court would be proud of.

And the font size is 8 point, which only can be read with a magnifying glass.

This happened and it wasn’t the website of a large company.

The small business thought they were doing the right thing having the terms, yet they complicated the process and relationship.

Bring in simplicity.

Pricing elements

Pricing is important and it is often not the sale price that adds complexity for new customers.

It is the associated elements that can reduce the potential for repeat business and referrals. If they are complicated, not clearly spelt out and in a tone that does not compliment your branding, future sales may be lost.

The good news is it is not difficult to simplify them. Elements that are associated with pricing include:

  • Price options
  • Price discounts
  • Price guarantees
  • Price refunds
  • Payment terms
  • Warranties

Pricing simplicity

Customers expect to find all relevant information during the buying process so why not make it simple for them.

If you look at the elements above and any others that apply to your business, see where you can simplify, by answering a few questions. These include:

  • Are the prices, range of prices or pricing examples on your website?
  • Do you have answers to pricing questions covered in you Frequently Asked Questions section?
  • Are your payment terms written in simple language that is easily understood?
  • If you are offering discounts, are the conditions and applicable dates clearly spelt out?

When you include information regarding pricing on your website look at it from your business’s and customers’ perspective.

Pricing is important especially in the early stages of customer relationships, so why complicate it.

Over to you. How do you simplify pricing and the elements of pricing for your potential customers?

Do you want to use simplicity to get new customers? If you do, I can help. Click Here to see how.

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