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Does Your Website Have Buried Treasure?

business growth buried treasure

The treasure is valuable to customers.

And you create it to grow your business.

Yet difficult to find.

They think I would stay longer but it is not simple to find the rest of the content that is relevant to me.

It isn’t so they click away from your site.

It is buried deep. At best, it is in your archives.

The buried treasure in this case is more content on a topic that could benefit them and your business.

The good news you can dig up the buried treasure and make it simple for them to read, watch or listen to. You can include internal links and related posts but if you have a lot of content, a lot of it will never be seen.

It is about using categories and sub categories in your sidebar. Or as I title them – Topics

They are a way of simplifying the experience for customers and benefiting your business.

Set up your categories

There are a number of ways to do this and it depends on the purpose of your blog.

If you sell products or services, you could use generic content topics, such as marketing plans or social media.

Or you could tie it into what your customers want to achieve .For example on my blog, the main categories are tied into my services.

  • New customers
  • Customer retention
  • Business growth

This is the first step and it helps your customers find the key topics easily.

Use sub categories to focus

While dividing the topics into key areas helps, using sub categories simplifies it further. Again, the reason is if you have a lot of content there is no way customer will scroll through page after page to find what they want. topics

They could use search, but why not simplify it for them.

Sub categories means they can find specific information that interests them.

My sub categories focus on different areas within each topic that are specific.

For example, I have communication in both new customers and customer retention. If they want to read more about that area as it relates to new customers they do not have scroll past any that relate to customer retention.

The plugin I use is Collapsing Categories, which is simple to set up. And if they click on any topic, they are taken to a page with the information neatly organised.

Get your articles organised

Now this may take some work, but it is worthwhile. I use a spreadsheet and each article is put into one of the main categories. In one column I type in what sub category it belongs to.

This also saves time when you are finding articles to use as internal links.

Once you do this, you can also see which areas are the most popular, where there are opportunities for more content and where you need to improve.

So, if you have buried treasure don’t keep it hidden as it may be costing your business sales.

Over to you: Could using categories and sub categories help your business? If you use this method, share your tips.

Looking to use simplicity to get business growth? if you are, I can help. To see how Click Here.

photo: FredFish via photopin cc

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