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Stop Hoarding To Keep Customers Buying

It is easy to do.stop hoarding keep customers buying

You collect things over time.

In your personal life the more you collect the more complicated life can be.

Just think of all the gadgets in your kitchen drawers or items in your garage.

Adding more things can add stress to your life. And it is the same with business.

Here are a few ways to stop hoarding to keep customers buying.

Hoarding customers

Do you have customers that are not as valuable as others are, yet you keep them?

Identify your most valuable customers. And remove those who are not. It will free up your resources and help increase sales with those that are valuable.

You need to do this first, as it will help you go through all the other steps.

Hoarding tools

If you have a variety of tools that you use to retain customers, look to see which ones are the best to help keep customers buying.

If they are not helping your business to retain customers, remove them.

Hoarding tactics

Not all tactics are created equal. Some are designed to retain customers and are more effective than others are.

Now is the time to see which ones in your collection are:

  • Aimed at keeping your customers buying your products or services
  • Getting results

Take a deep break and delete the others. With simplicity if you focus on a few essential tactics you will get results and save time or money.

Hoarding channels

As each channel was introduced you may have been convinced that each one was a must have. However, each one you add requires time and attention.

As with the tactics, look at the channels you participate on and see which ones are helping your business retain customers.

For this area, you may not want to delete some, as they could be useful when you want to attract more customers. So, put the ones you will not use for retention into storage to use when you want for example to get more customers.

Hoarding processes

This may be a tough one.

But if you look at your processes with your current customers, you may find that some are not necessary or only slow down the customer experience.

Take a look at how you keep in touch, handle customer complaints or feedback, answer enquires, process payments, service delivery etc.

Keep the ones that help and benefit your business and customers and delete the others.

Hoarding only adds clutter and hinders your business’s efforts to retain customers. So why not go the simplifying path.

Over to you: share your tips to get out of the hoarding habit that has helped your business retain customers?

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