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Increase Customer Retention. Get Out Of The Comfort Zone.

increase customer retention

Are you willing to simplify a process to increase your customer retention?

If you are then you could increase revenue.

And have an increasing number of customers returning to repurchase.

In any business, you have strategies and processes in place to retain customers. You may  not have changed or looked at the processes to see if they can be improved.

Often this comes down to habit and business as usual.

What if there was a better way? Would you be willing to break out the comfort zone?

Get out of the comfort zone

In order to use simplicity at times it needs a willingness to break out.

For example, take the eyewear market.

If you wear glasses, you are aware of the usual process. Every couple of years you get a reminder to have an eye test, try on different frames and then eventually select one.

Often the choice of frames is overwhelming so the optometrist or an assistant helps you.

The majority of optometrists use this process and have done for decades. And they hope many of their customers return to through it.

Yet a willingness to seek to simplify and get out of the comfort zone is helping to increase revenue for my optometrist. He started recording the brand and style of glasses each of his customers bought including me. He also noted the prices we paid.

No real surprise the majority had a favourite brand and style.

Now when he sends a reminder email he includes images of a small range of frames that match up with what we like.

This simplifies the process for returning customers, as they do not have to go through a large range of styles to find ones that suit.

It saves them time as many have already chosen there new frames before their appointment.

This change simplifies his process and he has found it also saves time. This means he can see more customers each day increasing revenue.

As well and although it is early days, it appears the number of customers returning is increasing. This cuts down time and money attracting new customers.

Simplify your process

Whether you sell a product or service there are processes in place for your current customers. These includes when they repurchase, if they have a complaint, need help etc.

If you look at your strategies and process what part can you simplify for the customer? See what common denominators there are for your customers.

If you can simplify a process and save customers’ time they will remember and it can increase your revenge.

Over to you: have you ever broken out of the comfort zone and simplified your processes to increase customer retention?
photo credit: Pedro Glez. via photopin cc

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