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Is Your Communication Hitting Right Spot?

Too little and customers may forget your business. retain customers communication

Too much and customers may ignore your business.

Communication is one of the keys to keep customers buying.

And there are three parts.

  • What your business communicates
  • How often your business communicates with customers.

So what is the right timing for your business to strengthen relationships so customers keep buying your products or services?

As always look to use simplicity for the answer.

How often should you communicate?

It is worth remembering that your customers are also getting communication on any day from other businesses.

Instead of guessing or assuming and hope that you got it right there are a couple of ways to work it out.

Use common sense

To use common sense look at other parts of communication first.

What are you going to communicate?  Is there information that you know will simplify their life or help them in some way, for example to save time.

Are there updates that they need to know about?

For example is it necessary to receive a weekly email from a business that you purchase their product once a year. One software company sends out a monthly email and it always contains important information that helps my business keep up to date with security.

The same goes for the method of communication, whether it is email, a phone call, a face to face meeting etc. Work out the method, which benefits your business and customers.

For example, you may prefer emailing; however, your customers may prefer a quick chat by phone or Skype. On the other side, customers may prefer face to face meetings but it is costly for your business to offer this.

Working out what you are going to communicate and how helps your business identify how often.

Ask them

Yes, it may be scary to do this, but feedback is essential to help you retain customers.

If you ask them and inform them what you will be communicating this gives your customers’ context. It also provides information your business can use to strengthen the relationship.

The worst thing you can do is over think and make the communication side with your current customers too complex.

Keep in touch is in three parts. What you communicate, how you communicate and how often.

Keep it simple for your business and customers.

Over to you: how do you work out the timing for your communication with your customers? Share your tips.

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