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Grow Your Business. Simplify The Customer Experience

When you are looking to grow your business today embrace simplicity.grow your business simplify

This means to look at it from your business’s perspective.

And from your customers’ perspective.

This was highlighted last week discussing with a small business owner how to use simplicity to grow his business.

A simple idea that was too complex

He has a hairdressing salon and recently put in an area for customers to get their nails done. Since the launch, it wasn’t going too well and he was thinking of removing the service.

His objective was to sell this service to current customers. Customers said it was a good idea and will think about making an appointment when they have more time.

The concept looked like it could add growth however, there was one complexity stopping it. Some customers didn’t want to spend more time than they currently do to get their nails done.

So the question is what would be the simplest way for current customers to get their nails done while they are in the salon.

Answer – at the same time.

A simple solution

As customers wait a while when they get it coloured before the hair is rinsed, the opportunity to get nails done at the same time doesn’t take up any more of their time.

From early days, this simplified way of adding an additional service seems to be appealing to customers and extra sales for the business. Especially as a large number of their customers get their hair coloured.

This concept can be applied in a number of ways and it is about saving time and creating a great experience for the customers. You see it in shops where a good sales person will have the right accessories on hand to show the customer, whether it is a bag, or tie etc that will go with clothes they purchase.

Where you can combine products or services that are complimentary why not show your expertise to give the customer a better experience. If you can save them time customers will remember and it can be a competitive advantage.

Business growth

Using simplicity to grow your business can benefit your business and customers. The key is to look at the idea from both sides and search for a simple solution. If this had not been explored in the hairdressing salon and dismissed out of hand then the opportunity would be missed.

It is a matter of looking at additional things customers want to achieve.  Then see where your business can improve the customer experience and grow your business.

It does not have to be complex. If a task can be ticked off, the customer’s to do list that competitors do not offer in the same way it is a good start to getting additional sales from customers.

Over to you: have you combined products or services that save customers time to grow your business? Please share your story.

photo credit: Xanda via photopin cc


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