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Focus On Customer Steps To Enjoy Business Growth

For every task a customer wants to achieve there are steps involved. business growth steps

For example if you want to cook a fish meal one step is to get fish. You can do it yourself or you can let a fisherman do this step for you.

Business growth opportunities can be simple.

They can surface if you look at the steps and not the current solutions available or what competitors offer.

The reason why is it opens up possibilities and can lead to you identifying simple solutions that customers will desire.

Look at steps

To grow your business an opportunity may lie in a specific step customers take in the process of achieving something. By looking at individual steps you may be able to see if there is one that is not being satisfied by brands in the market.

Or steps that you can offer a better solution.

Take the fish meal for example. If you want to pan fry a fillet of fish, some of the steps are:

  • Catch the fish
  • Gut and clean it
  • Scale the fish
  • Get a knife and fillet it

All the steps need to be taken before you get to the cooking.

Look at steps your customers take by mapping them out in as much detail as you think is necessary.

Look at satisfaction levels

When you look at the satisfaction level think of the outcome they want to achieve. The whether customers want to improve or reduce the outcome, rather than the general how satisfied they are.

By looking at your customers satisfaction levels with the current solutions available will help you identify if the opportunities will be worth your effort to develop a solution. The current solutions can be ones they do themselves, ones competitors offer or ones that there are currently no solutions on offer.

Business growth opportunities do not have to be complicated. thinking about how you can simplify your current or potential customers’ lives can lead to increase sales and profits.

Over to you: have you ever looked at individual steps your customers complete to look for opportunities. Could this step approach benefit your business?
photo credit: Vlaanderen Lekker Land via photopin cc

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