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Please Explain, I Don’t Understand

communication in marketing” What does this actually mean?”

This is what I said to a mentoring client the other day.  I will call her Anne and I knew from the sound of her voice and the sigh I heard that she thought I was a little stupid for not getting it.

After talking for a little while and I asked a few more questions the penny dropped.

She realised that if I was her customer then she might as well be teaching me how to solve a mathematical equation full of symbols that I did not understand and was like a foreign language.

The reason why this conversation was so important is Anne is developing a product from one of her services so customers can do it for themselves.

What is simple for her is not for someone without experience.

Detailing the steps they had to take to produce results without her doing it meant breaking everything down so they could easily understand and follow her recipe to get the right results.

This not always easy to do.

Some people have a knack of being able to explain in very easy terms. For others it can be difficult especially if you have never been in a position to teach or guide others.

That said it isn’t that difficult if you are aware of the other person’s level of understanding about a topic.

Plus a dash of patience is always a good ingredient to add.

Depending on your customers here are a couple of questions you might like to ponder:

 Are your descriptions of your products or services listed in jargon or descriptive?

For example if you design websites and are targeting small business who are venturing into this for the first time, do you just list SEO, CMS.

Or do you describe what they are and importantly what they mean so your customers get the meaning easily?

Could you make your services or products even easier to understand?

As there is so information around these days and more businesses have websites looking and sounding similar is there an opportunity to take the step of going simple?

It is not always easy to do yourself as you have such a deep understanding and it sounds right to your ears.

If your customers can understand quickly and easily then it could be a way to strengthen your relationships and keep them for longer.

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