2 Ways To Simplify Marketing For Business Growth

We love simplicity as a customer.

business growth simplicity

Yet we don’t always embrace it when marketing products or services.

One reason is that you can get too close to the business.

This is natural, however it can mean missed opportunities to grow your business.

Next year is unlikely to be any less hectic than this year.

And unless you like the pressure of complexity, it might be an idea to see how you can simplify your marketing.

This will benefit you and your customers and grow your business.


If you have tried to achieve many things at once, you know how draining it is on your energy levels.

Your brain has to switch focus all the time and it can cloud your judgement. Or you can miss the crucial actions you need to take.

This is not about a to do list or the actual tasks.

Instead, it goes back to what is the most important action you want your customers to take at any one time. Do you want them to make an initial purchase or to buy more from your business etc.

Simplifying to one marketing objective gives you focus and makes developing a marketing strategy easier. You will suffer less stress than if you try to achieve too much at a time.

It also helps to give you momentum, as you are not distracted by switching between achieving different objectives.


Unless you want to achieve the same result as this year, it could be time to see what you can do to get real business growth.

This means saying goodbye to procrastination and hello to acceleration.

In line with simplicity, pick one project that will get customers to buy more from your business.

Break it down into small steps and commit to taking the right action.

One project could be focused on increasing the amount they spend each time they buy your products or services. Or developing that DIY product from your service that will add revenue without you selling your time.

There are many other ways of simplify your marketing. The key is not to try to do them all at once.

Over To You

What other tips can you share to use marketing simplicity for business growth in 2013?

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20 Responses to 2 Ways To Simplify Marketing For Business Growth

  1. I love “Clarity” I have to remind myself daily about focus. It’s a challenge running coaching programs and getting ready for the launch of my new baby product but every day I remind myself – One step then the next. Thanks for the clarity reminder 🙂

    • Hi Lisa and welcome to the blog. It can be difficult to have focus and your method of one step then the next is a good example for all of us to follow.

      Good luck with the launch.

  2. Simplicity should be the ‘mantra’ inculcated and adopted at the strategic stage. It is difficult to break down the steps and may seem overwhelming at first, but it must be done and then can become part of the organisations DNA.

    • I like the idea of mantra Lubna and although as you said it may be difficult at first it does become easier like most things with practice.

      Thanks for adding this to the discussion.

  3. Hm, maybe my simple idea could be not being so concerned that I’m not tackling every project that I planned to do this fall. Hope that spring will be more straightforward for me.

  4. Great post, Susan, and one that I could certainly relate to. I took on too many projects this year, and it prevented me from making the major progress in the key project (my book) that I had been hoping for. One only has so much time and energy, and spreading ourselves too thin (or offering the customer too many options as in the case of a marketing firm) can be distracting and diffuse the positive results we were hoping for.

    • Thanks Doreen. It can diffuse the results and be very frustrating.

      I am sure you will make more progress with your book as it is important to you and from what you have written about it will be a must read for chocolate lovers.

  5. We always get so caught up in the chaos around us. Too often it is taking a moment to step back and focus on just one portion that can help get us through. As you have pointed out, by simplifying we make it easier to control our chaos.

    • Hi Jon,

      Taking a step usually works well and saves time, although we often don’t think it. You are right about getting caught up in the chaos and the more we do the worse it is.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Well stated. Simplification is a key to success. I find that whenever I simplify and streamline, I can laser-focus on the task at hand. It is a good reminder for all of us as well to ramp it up and accelerate.

  7. This really is a timely post. I am in process of planning for 2013 and part of it is creating a calendar to keep me on track. It’s such a simple thing. Not sure why I have not thought of doing one before.

    • Hi Heather,

      I actually believe that is something we tell ourselves as a reason why not to pursue the options. We think of the challenges instead of breaking it down to small steps. Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts.

  8. Boy is this a timely post. I am in the midst of launching a large contest, promoting a book, plan for next year and it’s the holidays. Right now it’s survival time… LOL. I should know better, I will not make the same mistake again. 🙂 Your right about taking on one thing at a time. It’s much more efficient and you actually get more done. :-)))

    • Well, the understatement Susan is I think you have a little on your plate at the moment. At least you are probably not bored 🙂

      Good luck with the contest and of course your book promotion.