Do Not React To Get More Customers

Reacting and not taking considered action can hurt your business unnecessarily. more customers business growth

When sales are slipping or leads are not coming in it is easy to get a sense of anxiety.

If this continues then quick fixes are often sought.

But at this time it is essential not to react to the lack of sales. Instead take a step back and look at the situation.

The reason for this is to identify the problems. Then put in place simplicity strategies and tactics to get more customers.

By doing this means you can be more confident of getting the results you desire rather than hoping they will work.


It is not unusual to see businesses offering discounts to get customers to buy. In fact, for savvy customers they know this is a signal that the business needs business now.

However if the cause of the problem is the lack of awareness then the action of offering a discount is not that effective.

Actions to increase awareness online and offline where they are present would produce better results.

Taking a little time to work out the problem and the cause of the issue can save you time and money. This is because you stop reacting and trying things that do not work for your situation.


Most successful businesses have a process in place to get more customers. It isn’t a one size fits all blueprint. It is one that works for them, their business and customers.

If you have a process then it can be easier to see if a part of it has a problem or needs fine tuning.

If you do not have a process then it is difficult to know what the best action to take is. It doesn’t need a manual instead, it is the mapping of the path customers take and in many ways quite logical.

By knowing the path you can make sure using simplicity in your marketing strategies and tactics match each part of the process.

Reacting rather than taking considered action is not productive and can stall the growth of your business.

These are two ways to stop reacting and if you look at them they are quite simple to do.

Over to you how do you have any tips to help those who may be reacting to problems?

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31 Responses to Do Not React To Get More Customers

  1. In the process of starting to offer freelance editing services, I came across a site that will edit stories for $1 a page. The fees go down from there as part of the triangulation process. I’m stumped to fathom how this can be quality work. I’m half-temped to submite a 10 page story to find out, since any sane person who values their work and skills would never offer to do so for a buck a page.

    • Hi Jeri,

      It can’t be and surely anyone wanting a high quality editing service would know they have to pay a decent price. After all you rely on the editor for their skills which you do not have. I would be tempted as well but you probably would get it back with more error.

      All the best with your editing service.

  2. Most successful businesses have a process in place to get more customers. The great challenge you can face in your business for a long term is to generate ideas as rapidly as you generate cash. It will always give you a significant advantages no matter what situation the market faces.
    S. TOWA

  3. People frequently panick and do something without thinking it through properly. And it can work against them.

    As you say: “It is not unusual to see businesses offering discounts to get customers to buy. In fact, for savvy customers they know this is a signal that the business needs business now.”

  4. Susan, sometimes it may be someone new in business and to think strategically, in my opinion, doesn’t happen automatically. Also, I find this pricing dropping starts because of devaluing a product or service. When I was coaching one to one a few years ago, in particular when I just started, the “suggested” door opener was a free exploratory session. It took me two years to decide, it wasn’t worth it even with a 75% conversion rate. So I started charging nominally for the SAME exploratory session and felt better about the whole process. So, not reacting in general, becomes a process.

    As always, enlightening and thanks for the post.

    • Hi Pat,

      You are right about thinking strategically and from my experience you learn it if you are able over time. Thanks for sharing your experience and I agree because what some do not realise if you drop prices to start with it is quite difficult to then charge higher for the same product or service as customers remember.

  5. I am so glad you pointed this out. In recent times, knee jerk reactions are the norm and this can be very damaging in the medium to short run.
    A shop selling branded workplace apparel noticed that in its new outlet in a non-metro sales were not exactly zooming, whereas the corner tailor was doing brisk business. People in this town preferred absolutely well fitted clothes.
    They changed their model slightly and began to offer alterations of their apparel then and there within their shop premises. It helped them a lot. Had they not thought through this, their business would not have been a success.

  6. I made a strategic decision not to be the low-cost provider of my services. While business writing is my core business, I also offer the client an overall strategy and key message development, plus a wealth of business experience that I bring to the table. When I see people willing to write a thousand-word blog on e-zine or fiverr for $5 I wonder why they are in business.

    • Jeannette, I think some people may be of Fiverr or the like as a means of something productive while they wait for more long term work or even in hopes of a more substantial project or because they are in a country where $5 is a good deal of money over a certain number of gigs.

    • Hi Jeannette,

      I would say with your expertise and experience your clients would be getting great value. As Pat said I think those who offer on Fiverr are not really in business but wanting cash. That said it is not a great way to start any career.

      • Pat and Susan — I agree that Fiverr is a good way to develop a writing portfolio. But it takes an awful lot of $5 assignments to make any money. Just think — 10 writing jobs x $5 is $50. Hey, a lot of people do it for the money and experience. More power to them.

        • I agree with Jeannette about the amount. I think they would be better off doing articles for free with well know and reputable places such as non profits to build a portfolio than earning $5.

          • I agree Susan – instead of so much time on such low paid projects, I’d put the time into finding better paid jobs – a few well placed articles or job requests will probably get you more money than the time on those $5 jobs. Especially when you factor in it takes time to get those $5 jobs, too!

  7. Hi Susan,

    You’re right if more people took the time to understand their customers buying decisions and cycles, they would be far better prepared and able to make the most of opportunities.

    Price cutting does nothing more than create a mindset that you may not want in your customer base.

    The “I’m cheaper than you game” sends your customers the wrong message. Realistically you’re training them into a buying pattern of holding on to their money waiting for the next round of price cuts.

    • Hi Jackie,

      You are right about the sale mentality as you only have to see our retail outlets doing it and wondering why no one is buying when sales aren’t on. I know I wait.

  8. It’s true – you need to repair the boat insted of bailing it out, but I can also see that sometimes you get so busy bailing you can’t see where the hole is to repair it.

    I think you have to stop occasionally and check for problems (like taking your boat out of the water to find and fix those holes) – it’s often too hard to see the issues when you are caught up in the details.

  9. The fact is most businesses don’t have a stradegy blueprint or plan. When trouble surfaces, the first place they go is to offer a reduced price. I have seen this all to often in all sizes of organizarions. By taking a step back, as you suggest, it will offer a perspective regarding what’s really going on and provide a solution far different from reducing prices. 🙂

    • Hi Susan,

      I do wonder why they don’t have a plan as it can save so much grief especially when they reduce prices and it affects their profitability. From your experience why do you think they don’t bother with a strategy?

      • At times I believe they simply don’t know any better and it’s what seems to be the best course of action Other times I think it has to do with a bit of arrogance and a belief that they already have the answer, or worse yet aren’t willing to admit they don’t know what else to do… Just my thoughts. 🙂