How To Take The Marketing Simplicity Track

Many would agree simplicity in marketing is the way to go. growth in business simply

And from a number of emails I have been getting many small business owners understand this.

But they do not know where to start to go down the simplicity track.

What can happen with marketing tactics that leads to the overwhelm is:

You try many things at once to grow your brand, thinking some of them will get results.


You have tried a few things in the past but now you do not even try anything as it seems all too hard to figure out

I see these actions many times and it is one of the reasons I now offer 3 specific packages to simplify the process of growing a business.

Recipes For Disaster

Following with either of the options can be a recipe for disaster. They will only lead to more problems, confusion and that overwhelming feeling.

If you do the first one it is likely they are not tied to any objective and definitely not part of a marketing strategy. It is the same as throwing things against a wall and hoping one will stick.

It is also very time consuming.

If you do the second one then you will not grow your business.  It is like sticking your head in the sand but hoping somehow sales will appear.

So what can you do?

The Simplicity Approach

Pick one thing and keep it simple.

For example it could be putting all those ideas and activities you are trying to do and match them up to an objective. Then cull the ideas to the ones that match are essential to do.

It will not be a long list.

If you haven’t been doing anything then just think of what is the one objective you need to achieve now to grow your business. This will help you choose the few activities to achieve the objective and get you to take action.

These are starting points and you may need help so do not be shy in asking as there are customers out there who would benefit from your products or services.

Over to you.

Have you experienced with of these approaches? And please share if you have any simplicity tips you use to grow your business.


4 Responses to How To Take The Marketing Simplicity Track

  1. I agree. Simplicity is the best when it comes to marketing in order the business will grow as it deserves. You have lots of useful information and I really appreciate it.

  2. As you know, I love simplicity. However, companies need to discover what simplicity is when it comes to their company and products. If they concentrate on the wrong strategy they are doomed. Your suggestions on how to achieve that objective are to the poing.

    • Hi Catarina,

      I do know you love simplicity. You are right about companies needing to discover simplicity for their companies. Their strategy depends on a number of factors and it can’t be a copy of other companies.