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Turn Your Services Into Profitable Products

Do you ever get sick of selling your time for money?

Or wish you had an additional income stream?

This step by step handbook will take you through the process so you can turn your services into profitable products.

It details all the areas you need to cover to develop a DIY product and make additional revenue to grow your business.

Step 1. What Can You offer Your Customers

  • Brainstorm the services you could turn into DIY products
  • Example for you to follow to make the brainstorming easy
  • Worksheet template you can use for the brainstorming

Step 2. Determine Your DIY Products

  • See which ones have the greatest potential to add revenue to your business
  • Determine which ones your customers have the greatest desire for
  • Worksheet template to make it easy to prioritise your DIY products

Step 3. DIY Preparation

  • Shows you how to gather all the information and tools you need for your product
  • Detailed step by step information to make sure you have all the elements in place to save you time
  • Worksheet template to help you get your DIY product into a step by step process for your customers

Step 4. Package It Up

  • Information about the different packaging formats for you to choose the best one for your product

Step 5. Develop Your Product

  • Time to get into action and develop your DIY product

Step 6. Pricing

  • Information about how to make sure you sell your product at a profit

Step 7. Promotion

  • Ideas and tips on how to best promote your DIY product to gain additional sales for your business