Business Growth Should Not Be Complicated

Getting customers to buy more from your business doesn’t have to be complicated. business growth not complicated

Improving or developing new products or services needs to help customers achieve a result they want.

However, it can be made difficult by the approach usually taken.

When you look to get business growth, often it is looked at from the inside.

This means businesses look at what they can do or make. This process restricts your creativity and possible options.

Instead, look at it from a customer’s perspective and what they are trying to do.

Simple Change

If you have ever tried to multitask at breakfast time, you know it can be a challenge. There are a few things you want to do and not waste time.

Until recently, a popular juice was in a glass bottle. To pour it you needed two hands otherwise it could slip and the juice land on the floor instead of the into the glass.

The glass bottle is now plastic and the shape is hourglass. No need for two hands, it does not slip in your grasp. It also adds simplicity to the breakfast routine by saving you time.

Business Growth Opportunities

Instead of looking and actioning different marketing tactics think about what could be new products or services that will grow your business.

Or what features could you change to help customers and differentiate your business.

To get more customers to buy from your business, have a look at what your target customers are trying to achieve. Are there results that they are looking for but no solutions are satisfying them at the moment?

Once you know there are various ways to make changes or develop new products or services.

Customers leave hints about what they are trying to achieve and sometimes to find out it can be as simple as asking them certain questions.

If you haven’t looked at this for business growth to get customers buying more from your business, why not look at it. You never know what you can come up with, especially if look at it from a customer’s viewpoint.

Over to you, have you tried this approach to get business growth?

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24 Responses to Business Growth Should Not Be Complicated

  1. So true Susan.

    Personally believe the worst mistake it to look at what you can do for customers from your point of view. By doing so you restrict yourself enormously.

    Open up your eyes and have a look at how you can develop from your customer’s point of view.

  2. I believe a business should research on what consumers need and create products targeting those needs. Business growth will come after. Well, I may be wrong 😛

  3. Great post and you used a wonderful example to illustrate your point. I work for a healthcare organization, we provide homecare.When we started paying closer attention to the environment our clients were living in, we discovered exhausted friends and family members. These caregivers often ended up in worst condition than the original clients, so we started offering respite services and adult day programs. It meant that our clients got better care because their caregivers got a break and it was another line of business for us, everyone won.

  4. Sometimes I think I don’t know a lot about business or marketing, but then a post like this makes me think about my teaching experience. I differentiated instruction all the time for students, so now the light bulb goes off, and I think yes, I will need to learn how to do the same for my blog followers and potential readers as well.

  5. Thanks for the reminder to look at our business through the eyes of our customers Susan. I love your example of the juice bottle. Keeping a dialogue with our customers is so important. It’s amazing how many businesses don’t ask or don’t listen when it comes to their customers.

    • Hey good to see you here Sherryl. Glad you like the example and what was interesting doing a bit of research is I don’t think the manufacturer asked the usual questions of What changes you would like to see. Instead it was probably around the activities and issues they have at breakfast and what would make life easier. It is amazing businesses don’t and maybe it is because they focus on their products or services rather than how to help in some aspect which opens up so many opportunities.

  6. I agree, every business no matter how large they get needs to focus on the customer and what the customer wants from the product or service. The bigger your business gets, the easier it is to forget about that. But if you do forget about it someone else will come along and take your business away from them.

  7. Great points on this. I do not have a retail business but one of goals is to have an online shop. The problem I am getting stuck on is that the web is flooded with what I would want my online boutique to sell. I have to figure out what I can offer to customers that will make them order from my site. But again, this is all in the planning stages.

    • Hi Karen,

      Good for you having the goal of opening an online store. Perhaps it is not what you sell but how you deliver the service that may set your potential business apart.

      Good luck with it.

  8. The glass juice bottle is a great point. Sometimes it is not about pushing your products or services but about modifying them to make them better and help customers get the most out of it.

    • Hi Mary,

      I have noticed a number of businesses looking to modify and you last point about help customers get the most out of it is a nice focus for business. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Susan — I love the example of the juice bottle. Everyone knows the best business growth is from your existing clients. So we need to ask them what their needs are, apart from the needs we’re filling now. Maybe they can introduce us to other divisions in the company or to people they know in other companies. It really is simple. So why don’t we do more of it?!

    • I don’t know Jeannette as it is simple as you said and how easy is it as a sell when you can use a testimonial from someone else in the same company.

  10. To me, looking at it from the customer perspective needs to become a regular practice, part of a business routine. If that happens, it’s amazing what you’ll learn and the ideas it can give you. For me it podcasting with my images is one. It had been recommended by a number of my readers and I am now working on doing just that. 🙂

  11. Certainly, the life moves on together with all the technologies. So no need to stick with something one, better to explore and try!