What Is A Perfect Match For Business Growth?

You might wonder with all the marketing options available if there is such a thing.

The good news there is and it has been used for many years. market strategy and simplicity

So put aside any thoughts this has to do with a popular marketing tactic that is going to suck up your time or money.

The perfect match is a focused marketing strategy and simplicity.

Combining the two means your marketing tactics are put into context.

You don’t have to go through the “I hope this will work mystery door selection” which only adds stress you do not need.

This post is about the first partner in the perfect match.

Focused Marketing Strategy

This is about where you focus your business’s attention and resources. For example, one of Apple’s strategic focuses is on the products they develop and sell.

They also in the path to business growth added the focus of distribution as seen with the opening of Apple stores.

Zappos have a focus in their marketing strategy on customer service.

A travel company Flight Centre has price as a focus.

The tactics each company implements supports the strategy, rather than having a mishmash of marketing activities.

There are no models to replicate or blueprints, as it has to do with your market, competitors and your products or services, the stage your business is at etc.

It also is determined by your marketing objective, which sets the scene for what your business is striving to achieve.

Having a focus for your marketing strategy helps separate out your business from others.

For example, our local butcher has higher prices than others do in the suburb. But you can see a focus is on the products they sell. They innovate and offer varieties and combinations that you can’t get elsewhere and they are of highest quality.

Their strategy works because the shop is always busy whereas others offering discounts via coupons are empty.

One final example is local gym that has a marketing strategy focus on customer service. They saw an opportunity based on their understanding of how their customers think, feel and behave and opened up a 24 hour gym which others did not offer.

Next time we will look at the other partner simplicity, how it fits in and works with a focused marketing strategy.

Over To You

Do you have a focus with your marketing strategy that all your tactics support?

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16 Responses to What Is A Perfect Match For Business Growth?

  1. Hi Susan,

    I’m back! 🙂

    One of the most liberating & simultaneously disturbing revelations presented by ‘getting old’ is that after all these years on the planet, what I think I know is just that. I actually know nothing!

    The upside of this ‘sudden-onset-ego-debilitation-opause’ is that I suddenly become much more open to pretty much everything…including the simplicity of simplicity and the ability to revisit my views thereon.

    After reading your post, I went about my little activities, setting up my new little online enterprises with simplicity ‘japa-ing’ away in my head. And then I sat back and went – OK! I can make this more simple.

    My new online marketing enterprise consists of on-the-job training and ongoing education, working with a great & well experience team, that help to establish and build my business. And so far, I have to admit, that I’m thoroughly impressed. But it is also a bit of a learning curve. I noticed that my mind was allocating quite a bit of hard-drive space to the integration of the Online Marketing stuff with the good ol’ Magic Porcupine.

    Simple remedy – we decided to give the Magic Porcupine a new job description. He is now an inspirational mascot that reminds us of the IMPORTANT THINGS – like where we are going, why we want to go there & most importantly that we & those we encounter along the way, enjoy how we get there. Perhaps one day he’ll become something even more? But for now, focusing solely on establishing the foundation of our online enterprise has freed up a bit of memory. 🙂

    How will this look in the ‘roolly-rool’ virtual world? Well, I’m going to be a pain in the butt and ask if you (& my other online friends) would be kind enough to, for example, ‘re-follow’ me on my new Twitter profile @StephenGEN (of course I’ll re-follow you first…this is just so you’ll know who it is and why :-P)?

    I’m opening a new Google+ site associated with my new business email address. I’m also thinking of closing the Magic Porcupine blog for now…until I’m ready to put it to a more productive use. Using it as a door-step to my new business website and blog somehow feels a bit cheezy and certainly does not accord with the spirit of the Magic Porcupine. 🙂

    So many thanks for your fine inspiration. I thought you’d like to know that it has indeed inspired simple action. 🙂

    Apologies for yet another essay… 😛

    Have a great Xmas. Happy thoughts to you and all that you love.

    See you soon.

    Stephen G.

    • I love your essays Stephen 🙂

      And thank you for your very kind comments.

      You know heaps and I don’t think it is a case of knowing nothing. I think some of us, not all, get more comfortable in our own skins as we get older and therefore are very open to learn something new and in fact get excited about new possibilities. Perhaps it is the inner child reappearing 🙂

      I am pleased you have fixed your problem with the website and I have followed you back on Twitter.

      One thing I would suggest is to reconsider closing your blog as this is something you own versus being active on someone else’s platform which Google + is. It is definitely not cheesy and I think essential as it can do a lot for your business. It does for mine. Even if you blog once a week, fortnight or once a month it doesn’t matter. But content is important and if you think about it if not for myob blog where we meet you wouldn’t be commenting on my blog here. You just need to work out what you want to blog about and it does need to tie in to your business to make an impact. If you ever want to discuss, you can always me or we can jump onto Skype for a chat.

      Merry Christmas to you and you family too Stephen.

  2. An excellent example – a 24 hour gym. I really like how over the past few posts you have tied in the importance of focus and simplicity. Happy holidays, Susan.

    • Thanks Lubna and I was talking to the gym owner a couple of weeks ago and they are increasing in sales all the time versus others who are struggling. Happy holidays to you too.

  3. Hello Susan, 😛

    It’s been a while. I virtually enjoyed your good company as a regular on good ol’ Paul Hassing’s excellent small business owner blog a couple of years ago.

    After my small business business failed, I’ve regrouped and am off on another ‘starting with only my bones, binaries & boots’ adventure…though this time my foray finds fervent forsooth in that too well worn wordplay – ‘ad-venture’. The simplicity and directness of your fine post amply reifies its clear message.

    I can’t help but wonder though, how many folk are ‘out there’ saying to themselves – ‘Oh yeh! My marketing strategy and focus is simple. It’s the Internet!’? 🙂

    Is that funny, sad or just plain scary?

    Many thanks.

    Stephen G

    • Hi Stephen,

      It certainly has been a while and it is great to see you again 🙂 Ha I think many unfortunately think “it’s the internet” and it is a combination of all three with an emphasis on sad as they are unaware it can lead to failure.

      Sorry to hear about your business but I am so pleased to see you have bounced back and I bet you will be very successful with your new business.

      make sure you come back as I am sure my readers will gain a lot from your comments.

      • Hi Susan,

        That’s both very kind & heartening of you to say. Thank you. 🙂

        I suspected as much. As I have recently spoken of in my blogs, Internet Marketing & all that SEO stuff were basically swear-words to me during my time as an Internet user. I suppose my opinion may have been tainted having enduring the good ol’ wild-west days; from the early 90’s to about 2006. Since then the industry has begun to gestate from an amorphous chaos of seemingly random cells, it now looks a tad more ‘foetus-esque…which is a good thing. I’m hoping it won’t abort will eventually become more human. 😛

        If there’s one thing I can tell you from my whole 1 week’s experience in intentional internet marketing (preparing only), it’s certainly not just ‘the internet’ and it’s certainly not simple…especially for bright-eyed nubes like me. But it is obviously doable, as arguably everyone is doing it in one form or another. I can only rely on my previous web user experience. So far it seems to have help to me cut through at least some of the dross. I try to focus my research and find what I consider to be reasonable information. But I’m hardly pretending to have solid sources yet. It’s still very much a ‘suck ‘n see’ virtual world out there. I’m trying to, as you say, keep it simple & hold my focus in this ocean of pretty-lights & distractions.

        As is the norm in this transparent world, I already begun baring-all along the way. This of course benefits me, and hopefully it may be of use to others. I reckon that’s about the best any of us can do. Especially us nubes. 🙂

        So, indeed I’ll be happy to pop by and have a yarn…you have no doubt gathered that I don’t mind the sound of my own fingers on the keyboard. 🙂

        See you soon.


        Stephen G

        • Will always welcome the sound of you tapping your fingers on the keyboard Stephen. What I think many miss is the internet or offline and in dong business about the customer in the end. The tools and activities have changed but the fundamental haven’t. We have a tendency to complicate things when more research is coming out that customers love simplicity and will pay for it.

          I look forward to hearing and reading more about your new journey 🙂

  4. To answer you question, I do. I try to kept my approach as simple as possible, per your recommendation. I have a single focus that supports what I hope to accomplish in a specified period of time. When I do that I am able to gather all that I need to use: tools time and technics to see it through.

    You have really helped and always make me think. Thank you for that. :-).