Get New Customers Using Simplicity

When you want to get new customers it can be difficult to know the best approach

One reason is competition is fierce.

Today the Internet looks like one enormous supermarket. get new customers with simplicity

Millions of websites, blogs, products and services to choose from.

And many look or offer the same thing in the same way.

If you have ever done any searches yourself looking for information or trying to find something to buy you know how potential customers feel.

I have written about simplicity many times.

Simplicity and simple ideas can  definitely help when you want to get new customers.

And the current king who many still say is content will be abdicating.

Replacing him will be Queen Simplicity.

Get new customers with simplicity

It is often said building simplicity into your business; product or service is difficult to do. If you make high tech products that is true.

However, for the rest especially if you offer services it is not that difficult. One reason is you do not have many individual components to include that all must work well together and be simple to operate.

So, forget that simplicity is too difficult to do. It is one of the perfect partners to grow your business.

How To Build Simplicity Into Your Business

When I do marketing strategy review, I look at each element of a product or service, business, website etc as if I am a customer.

Is each element or step I have to take simple and easy to understand. This role changes if I am reviewing businesses to get new customer or to retain current customers.

You can do this yourself or get a peer or someone who will do it and be honest with you.

To embrace simplicity it needs to benefit your business and your customers, otherwise it makes it all too hard. So any changes you make or think of making the impact has to be considered from both sides.

You can build in simplicity over time, so even taking 30 minutes at a time to see if and where simplicity can be built in makes a difference.

To make it even easier do the exercise with one objective in mind. This means you can review elements and steps involved in getting new customers or keeping customers first.

Once you have completed one then you can look at building simplicity for the other objective.

Hail to the new queen.

Over to you

What do you think? Can you build simplicity into your business?

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30 Responses to Get New Customers Using Simplicity

  1. Simplicity should reign not only over business but life in general. We all overcomplicate things and that just leads to stress.
    Great advice as always 🙂

  2. Love your message, Susan. It is useful not only to businesses, but also to nonprofit and professional associations who are competing with other similar orgs for members.

    We are experiencing that in one of the groups I belong to. People only have so many dollar to put towards memberships. So it’s important to keep the message simple and not try and make too many promises.

    • You are absolutely right Doreen, it is applicable to associations, clubs etc. Hope the group you mentioned listen to your advice as it is the right way especially these days.

  3. This is so true! My older sister is currently working on opening a new boutique this spring and the poor girl is going mad trying to get it all done. I’ve been trying to help her and give her some direction but what she really needs to do is step back and simplify. She is trying to pull herself in too many directions by offering products in different areas such as homewares, antiques, vintage clothing, new clothing–men’s and women’s–shoes, gifts, ect.

    • Hi Mary,

      Wow it does seem she is making it difficult for herself. Sounds like you gave your sister excellent advice and hopefully she will realise she needs to step back and make it easier for herself. Thanks for sharing this story with us.

  4. Simplicity is key! I feel like when I see businesses who over advertise themselves and over market their products to the point of being overwhelming, simplicity would be the way to go. Great post!

  5. I have a bad habit of making things too complicated. I started off that way as a teacher, and also now as a blogger. But given that marketing is a mystery to me, I suppose it makes sense that I need to experience some rough patches before I can pinpoint what exactly it is I need to simplify. I’ve recently narrowed down my blog categories again, so that’s a start.

    • Hi Jeri,

      I am not surprised that marketing is a mystery to you and others. This is because of a number of reasons and so many have made it too complicated. In the end marketing fundamentals have never changed and if you add a good dose of common sense you can’t go wrong. I don’t think you need to go through rough patches and if you have any questions about marketing just email me. Narrowing you categories is a great start 🙂

  6. Fine idea, simplicity is often forgotten by webmasters. People’s time is valuble and everybody is on the run. Nobody wants to figure out complex designs any more, or search minutes for the right section of the websites because the categories are complex and not straight to the point.
    The same thing goes for information content. Nobody wants to read a 2000 word article about something that can be said in 200 words…

    • Very true about websites Christian and these days people value their time even more as they are usually busy with their life and business. Thanks for commenting.

  7. We get so caught up making everything complicated that we forget that it is the simple that makes it understandable. Without understandability there is no relatability. (did I just make this more complicated than it needed to be?)

    Simple is best, I agree.

  8. Susan: Supermarket, why not try hypermarket. I am always amazed how businesses over process, thus over complicate things these days. Simple rocks.

    • I hadn’t thought of hypermarket Jim, but it is probably a better example. I am with you about over process and many don’t even realise it. Simplicity does indeed rock.

  9. Along with King Content and the increasingly important Queen Simplicity will be the touch of Princess Relationship … the business owner who gives the necessary content in a simple manner and allows the customer to feel a positive connection!

  10. Hi Susan,
    It often seems that tipping points are reached when using a product or service becomes so easy anyone can do it. This attracts new clients and customers and keeps existing ones because using other alternatives is harder. Certainly, some people will always choose the unusual and even the harder option to save money, because of personal preference, or for other reasons. But most people will choose the option that makes their lives easier and is easiest to use, do, or buy. Think Netflix, Amazon, the personal PC, the smartphone or any of a number of other products and services that went from fringe to commonplace. In each case, simplicity, from the customer’s perspective, was a major component of the marketing.

  11. Susan — great advice that I took myself a few years back when I decided to simplify my business. I decided not to be all things to everyone and focus on my three areas of real (for me) interest and where I saw my business coming from: blogs and social media, employee engagement and branding. I’m glad I did because it did simplify my life.

  12. I had been struggling with what my key focus was for 2013. That key focus would help determine my course for the next few months. I finally got it. It’s “creative”, that is what my audience loves about my site. From there I can build something that can give my audience a reason to come back. In that, keeping the marketing activity simple should be, well, simple… LOL.