Use Emotional Benefits For New Marketing Ideas

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Who doesn’t want customers to buy more from your business?

It sure beats chasing new customers all the time.

One marketing strategy to increase sales is to develop other product or services under your brand name.

It has been done for decades and it does help to strengthen your customer relationships.

Line extensions done properly adds value to your brand.

And it is one way to get your customers to buy from you rather than your competitors.

When you look for these sorts of opportunities you often seek out customer needs or problems first.

Then you work out the features of the products or services. After that you look at the benefits and communicate these to your customers.

Another way to get ideas and develop other products or services is to identify the end benefit of as a starting point.

End benefit

The end benefit is the emotional reason why customers buy brands. I have mentioned before they seek out product or service categories based on rational reasons and then choose a brand on an emotional basis.

Just think of it as using the head first then following the heart.

As you have probably read many times the more your brand has an emotional connection with customers the harder it is for competitors.

Ideally the emotional benefit that your brand has is not shared by your competitors and your brand owns it so it does pay to work out what it is.

Product or service ideas

Once you know your brand’s end benefit then you can brainstorm product or service ideas that could appeal to your customers.

One way is to look at market trends that could affect you and your competitors. Another way is to look at what influencing factors could or are affecting your customers and their purchases.

They can be simple ones so don’t overlook the obvious. Once you have a few ideas look at what features these products or services could contain.

One point of caution is do not think you have to load it up with lots of features. Just concentrate on the essential ones first.


Some businesses like to test and you may want to try the ideas out as concepts with your customers and then refine the concepts before a full scale launch. If you decide just to launch it then, make sure you have set objectives to reach and track the results.

This is not a definitive way to develop new products or services it is just approaching the process a little differently. After all life would be pretty boring if we all did things the same in the same way as everyone else.

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18 Responses to Use Emotional Benefits For New Marketing Ideas

  1. The marketing ideas you have here is very helpful to most people especially me…Thanks a lot for being so generous to us…

    • Hi Ivin,

      Yes they are and we sometimes forget it does take time to build that emotional bond. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I’m not surprised at these suberb suggestions! Starting with the end result and moving backward is an exercise I use with many of my clients. “Feeling” the emotional outcome desired and working toward it is a very powerful process. As a consumer, it makes sense. I go for services or products that convince me that I’ll be “happy”, or that render “peace of mind.” or

    • Hi Keyuri,

      Good to hear the approach works well with your coaching. The process does open up creativity for product or service development and is actually fun to do.

  3. Very nice article here!!!I am hoping that you can inspire more people through your posts…

  4. Susan,

    Another great article and I agree that people think rationally and then choose emotionally. Finding out the emotional trigger point for buyers can be the hard part. Most people don’t believe that is how they make purchases, so when asked they tend to give rational answers instead of the true emotional answers that motivated them to buy,

    Anther great post,

    • Hi Jenn,

      It can be difficult although it is necessary for business owners to work it out and it can then open up opportunities. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Hi Susan

    This is why the classic “love” brands (Harley Davidson, Apple, Virgin) do so well. They focus on fulfilling that emotional connection. They look at the end benefit that the customer is chasing.

    Once you can establish that with your client, you pretty much have a loyal customer for life…unless you do something to royally screw it up that is.

    Nice focus point, that many people don’t consider.

    • Hi Jackie,

      Good examples and you are right get that connection and it pays off for both sides. Look at what products Virgin has been able to introduce because of the connection. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

  6. There’s one simple and “vulgar” way to do so as well that works extremely well. When I lived in Riyadh the conglomerate I worked for had the rights for Motorola in Saudi Arabia.

    There was a photograph with a famuous Saudi prince with a Motorola mobile phone. So it was used for promotion and worked wonders since an abundance of Saudis would just die to be in his shoes and the women to marry him.

    • Hi Catarina,

      Emotion always works in advertising and it ounds like they used the aspirational approach which can be effective. Thanks for sharing this.