What Should You Feature To Attract New Customers?

Have you ever looked a house or unit to buy that has been styled? attract new customers simply

If you have, you would have noticed they ooze with simplicity.

Unnecessary furniture, ornaments etc are removed to create space and the right feel.

The stylist knows what feature to highlight that is desired by potential buyers and what the focus should be.

This approach can also help your business attract new customers.

Customer goals

Before you think about what you should take out, look at what your customers are trying to accomplish. Sometimes it can be one step or it can be the overall goal.

By understanding this gives your business a focus that will help your decision making.

Customer dissatisfaction

The key is to look at the results customers measure to see how successful they are in achieving their goals or preventing problems occurring. These measures are based on what solutions they currently use.

It is important to look at where they are dissatisfied, as it will open up opportunities for your business. Sometimes it is obvious and other times you will need to find out, as what you think is an area of dissatisfaction may not be in the customer’s mind.

Look at what result they are looking to improve but can’t find a solution or are looking for a better solution to achieve the goal.

Customer focus

By looking at these two areas can guide you top see what feature or features to highlight and what you may consider throwing out or reducing in importance.

Each additional feature you add is likely to add costs to your business. Having features because competitors have them can add clutter.

By simplifying your product or service could save your business costs as well as attracting customers. It will also simplify the communication and allows your business to have a true competitive difference.

An uncluttered home is inviting and helps attract buyers. Products or services that contain a key feature that help the customer get the results they desire will grow a business.

Over to you: do you have a key feature that you highlight to attract new customers.

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photo credit: Mirage floors via photopin cc

21 Responses to What Should You Feature To Attract New Customers?

  1. Susan You are so right. When I sold real estate I would tell the seller that an uncluttered home is inviting and helps attract buyers. It was a great example of using the cluttered home with our businesses. Time to clean house

      • I sold real estate for 25 years. I was a strong listing agent and I would say that most sellers would listen to me. They would find it worked. A seller may not see a drip in their kitchen sink but it is the first thing that a buyer sees.

        • I like that example Arleen as it shows how we come to ignore some small details that matter. Wow 25 years, no wonder smart sellers listened to you. Thanks for responding to my question.

  2. Very good points, Susan – and I love that comparison between a cluttered house and a spacious room set up for sale (living with young chidlren, I aave one and long for the other!)

    It can be a difficult line to spot (especially for your own business I think) – what is clutter and what is a useful feature for a number of your prospective clients.

    • Ha Tash I can only imagine how it would be extremely difficult to have no clutter with young children in the house. Maybe you will get it when they leave home 🙂 Good point about how it can difficult to spot in our own business as we can get too close.

  3. Susan — good advice about de-cluttering. I used to have 3 columns on my blog and streamlined it to three and cut out things like a blogroll and affiliate ads. It’s probably still too cluttered but my WP theme is getting old and starting to have issues so my webmaster will be changing me over to a new theme. Might be a good time for some housecleaning!

    • Sometimes it does take a signal like your theme to declutter, although your website is very clean and easy to navigate Jeannette. Good luck with it if you do it.

  4. Interesting point you make, about too much clutter. A while back someone suggested I learn how to write apps. I already know how to write responsive web design. It seems to me that I should continue to do what I do well, especially since responsive seems like a better solution, in most cases. In any case, I agree with Susan C. – you make us think!

    • Sometimes you can’t go wrong with your gut feel Leora especially as you say you do it well. Also just think if you learned how to write apps it may take your focus away from something that is working well for your business and customers.

  5. Excellent analogy Susan. Agree with you completely.

    The difficult part though is to know which features to take away because all customers are different.

    Have you managed to find a system that enables you to have a one fits all service that you offer? Most likely you have a basic service and then add and deduct depending on what each customer wants?

      • In the sense of where they are today, what they need to do to grow. What line of business they are in and so forth.

        What would be the best solution for a company selling cosmetics would most likely be different from a company selling nuclear plants.

        You would most likely go about assisting them in growing on the global market in different ways. Cosmetics can be sold online while someone selling nuclear plants need to see the right people in government and start long negotiations with them.

        What they have in common though is wanting/needing to grow.

        Susan, I would love to know your thinking when you generalise when it comes to customers. Personally love generalising, as you know:-)

        • If they only have that in common I would question whether they are in the target market, unless they also want to go global and you specialise in helping companies go global and you have the skills and experience to handle both. Also depending on the service you provide you would have the same process to go through with them to see where they are and to identify what they need to grow. The strategies and tactics would be different but the service process would be the same. Does that make sense?

          When I talk about customers I come from the point of view that readers know their target market. Mostly in marketing the process as I mentioned above is the same, the details are different. I come to this because I have marketed a wide range of products and services and have always followed a similar process, but strategies and tactics etc are different. What are your thoughts?

          • Seems we are just expressing ourselves in different ways.

            Yes the process is the same, but what they need to do varies from company to company.

  6. This is GREAT advise and a way to demonstrate your points. I will take these to heart an look at my own business to see how I could improve on what I am doing.

    Have I ever told you how you are able to make think? Well you do, in a good way. 🙂

  7. Good and wise advertising techniques are useless without an effective message. An effective message gives people reasons to spend their money with your business. An effective message attracts new customers!