Could A Touch Of Simplicity Attract Customers?

Sometimes it is noticing the little things that can attract customers. attract customers unmet needs

When you focus on unmet needs of customers it can lead to new products or services.

I noticed a product on the internet called Miracle-Gro®. It is a product that allows you to grow salads and herbs simply.

For those of us with black thumbs we are experts in how to make anything we plant shrivel up and die.

Yet the appeal of growing our own salads and herbs are appealing.

This product may also appeal to those that can grow salads and herbs, but lack time and are looking for an alternative to what is available.

This product makes it simple as everything you need is in the pods. Just plant, water and viola you have home grown salads and herbs. It takes out the guesswork that we black thumbs desire and reduces steps that would normally need to be taken.

By developing this product they can get more customers by meeting this unmet need by using simplicity.

Unmet needs

Whether you sell a product or service look to see if there are enough potential customers that have unmet needs. By looking at your market and what is available can start the process as can thinking of how you can save customers time. Time may be the number of steps they need to take to achieve a result.

The other part of unmet needs is the potential customers must be willing to pay at a price that makes the idea viable. For example there are a number of companies that want content produced however there are some who only want to pay a low price for the service.

A touch of simplicity

If there is demand see if you can develop a product or service that has components that your business usually sells separately and can be simplified into one product or service for these customers. The products or services can be seen as replacements for competitive products or services.

The key here is simplicity and often means going back to basics to see what elements need to be included. The simpler you can make it so customers do not have to think or spend a lot of their time the better, as these customers may be the black thumbs in your market.

Attracting more customers to your business using simplicity and looking at unmet needs of your market can lead to increased growth and differentiate your business.

Over to you: do you think this could help your business? Have you ever developed a product or service like Miracle-Gro®?  If you have please share your story.

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15 Responses to Could A Touch Of Simplicity Attract Customers?

    • Hi Martin,

      I haven’t as I can’t get it in Australia, but a few people I know buy it and think it is a great product. Sounds like you will never run out of chillies then 🙂

    • Now I am officially jealous Cheryl that we do not have it here to buy. It is a wonder some of our gardening companies have followed their lead.

  1. Oh is I had developed a product like Miracle Grow i would have been in heaven. I am a avid gardener so this is a product I know well and I love it because it works. To your point, anytime we can make it simple for anyone is an opportunity to buy from these individuals. I’m working on that with my stores: Items I like and my art in cards etc. 🙂

  2. Great example Susan. A lot of people would have made the product you mention so complicated people would not even understand what was in it for them.

    Keep it simple stupid is what it’s all about. But, as you point out, it’s essential to make sure you can earn money from it.

    There are plenty of unmet needs out there and if companies do what you suggest more of them will be met.

    • Other companies would have made it complicated Catarina and what is great they have kept the simplicity all the way through to the messaging and communication.

  3. Susan,
    This is a great example of a very simple yet niche product. When I think of Miracle Grow, I think of plant fertilizer and lawn care products (like potting soil). I’m sure they’ll be very successful in this market. There is so much we can learn from successful companies. As always, thanks for simplifying this for us!

    • Hi Sherryl,

      I wish we had a product like this available in Australia. I read the story that they have a lab testing different products and this is one of the developments which is a nice compliment to what they sell. Glad you liked the example.

  4. The biggest mistakes we make is not going back to basics. In this fast paced world we forget what is important. We have made a very interactive website to make it as easy a possible for our customers. All over the site we offer to help just in case they have black thumbs. Each industry has their own jargon and you have to be careful and understand that your customers may have no idea what they mean. I remember hearing, keep it simple stupid. We are stupid if we don’t.

    • Hi Arleen,

      Like your last sentence as it is so true. What also sometimes forget is customers have many choices today and less patience I think. Good to see you use simplicity with your site.