Are The Majority Of Your Customers New Or Repeat?

If you have a website, one area you track is your visitors. new or repeat customers

You look over time whether they are mainly new or repeat visitors.

Do you do the same for your customers?

Do you know how many repeat customers you have?

I asked a group of small business owners this question recently and most said no.

They hadn’t thought to track, as they were just happy to have customers.

Knowing how many of your customers are new or repeat can be quite revealing. This is because it can highlight problems and opportunities to grow your business profitably.

It is also a way to simplify your marketing.

It gives you insight into how your marketing strategy and tactics are performing and the time and money implications.

If you are using the same marketing strategies and tactics for both groups then you would not be on your own. Yet by doing this complicates your efforts and weakens your customer relationships.

New Versus Repeat Customers

The first thing you need to know is what is the split between new and repeat customers.  As well as the trend between the two. Obviously if you sell one off products or services then this does not apply.

If you have a majority of new customers with little repeat business you need to consider what is causing this and then work to fix it.

There are no golden rules, however it has been shown that costs go down considerably if the majority are customers who buy often.

One Size Fits All

This approach doesn’t work in any aspect of your business or marketing. Each segment of customers has their own needs and desires and their relationship with your business is different.

If you are developing and implementing the same strategies for new and repeat customers then it really is a shotgun approach and wastes time and money. It also will not help your business grow as it is not tailored to a particular segment.

By simply looking at their needs and desires and tailoring your strategies, you will be more effective.

You can then easily switch and focus your strategies and tactics if you decide that you need to concentrate on one area such as getting more customers.

This process is an example of how simplicity can help get business growth and strong customer relationships.

So, over to you, do you track your customers? And do you separate strategies?

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15 Responses to Are The Majority Of Your Customers New Or Repeat?

  1. It’s funny that you should be writting about this now. I have been taking a serious look at my traffic starting from my start date in February. I now have enough information to give me some great insight into what’s working and what’s not, what hit the mark and what didn’t. You’re right when you say you can drill done deeper into Google Analytics. With this I information, I believe I can make better decisions as to what direction I should take my blog. It is also is important for me to note that this kind of analysis should be a regular practice for now, and into the future. Thanks for the great reminder and post. 🙂

    • Hi Susan,

      That is great you are doing the analysis as it is such an easy way to get real insights. I have no doubt you will make the right decisions regarding your blog and totally agree about doing it on a regular basis. This makes it a lot easier than every once in a while.

      Thanks as always for your comments 🙂

  2. It’s said that it’s about 6 times more expensive to attract a new customer, I’m glad you brought up knowing more about the repeat visitors on your website, or even blog. I actually did analyze this within my ezine but I never thought about it with my website or blog! I’m going to look but did you know, does Google Analytics do anything regarding this?

    • Hi Pat,

      Google Analytics does have this information and I think you can drill down to see more details. I use Clicky and it shows the number of visits by visitor and the pages they visited etc.

      By the way I left a comment on your post about marathon and I think it went into moderation.

  3. Thank you for the helpful reminder Susan. I already knew this BUT haven’t been implementing it for myself. LOL. Most of my customers are now repeat customers. Yesterday I checked my recent enewsletter opens and, of course, the majority of the opens are from current customers. I need to move them to their own list set and modify future enews versions just for them.

    • Hi Catherine,

      That is great most of your customers are repeat and it would be a good move to have them separate them. Luckily today it is pretty easy to have different lists.

  4. hi, susan. I have a problem with my blog. As a Chinese, I don’t know what my readers will think. For example, in the following article:
    I think it can be interesting, but some of the readers focus more on the Customs clearance stuff.
    Could you please give me some advice?

  5. Well said, Susan! When it comes to promoting your business online, we cannot go for the one-size-fits-all approach. Your customers come from all walks of life and come from different cultures. It’s important to really study them and find a bit more on what makes them tick in a good way. So far, the number of my blog’s new visitors is still higher than my repeat. But it’s slowly making progress.