Are Marketing Reviews Scary?

I don’t think they are. marketing reviews are not scary

But that is because I do them.

To others like a small business owner I spoke to last week they are scary and wants to avoid them.

His reason was the thought of a review made him think back to his early working career.

He doesn’t want his name mentioned as he said he felt like a wimp so I will call him John.

Apparently, John had a boss who reviewed his worked using a nice big red pen and made extra work for him by making him redo many things he presented.

So any mention of the word review brought back unpleasant memories.

So, for any of you who think marketing reviews are scary, let me show why they are nothing to fear. This also goes if you get someone to do a website review or a review of your content or copy etc.

Removing Barriers

One of the key things about marketing reviews is to look for any barriers that may be stopping the performance of your business. This could be something that is happening in your market, pricing or your marketing strategies etc.

The sole aim is to identify them and recommend simple, practical ways to get rid of the barriers.

Uncovering Strengths

When marketing reviews are done, you search for hidden signs.  When they are examined closely can be real strengths that give a competitive advantage that you may not be aware of.

Prioritising Recommendations

With business owners being very busy these days the last thing you need is all these recommendations dumped into your lap. This is a sure way that they will be put into the “too hard basket”.

Instead, the recommendations are prioritised so there is no overwhelm and small steps can take place for results to appear.

The “S” Word

I would be lax if I didn’t mention the “S” word. It is pointless to do a review that adds complexity to any business or business owner. Instead, you look for where the power of simplicity can be included and give a competitive edge.

So there you go no red pens in sight.

Over to you. Please add any other ways reviews are not scary. Or share your stories of scary reviews. This can be from school, work etc.

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12 Responses to Are Marketing Reviews Scary?

  1. A marketing review is essential to understand what’s going right and what’s not. Every plan ever devised needed an occasional course correction to take into account the unforeseen developments that are bound to pop up.

  2. Marketing reviews should not be seen as scary but an essential tool to improve productivity, innovate and increase profit.

    Let’s face it if you are stuck in the past and lose money because of it you have to risk losing face to get on the right track again. Do you really lose face when you show your superiors ways of inceasing profitability?

    • You are right Catarina and being resistant to even looking for a better strategy that will add to the bottom line doesn’t make sense. You last sentence sums it up well.

  3. Most of all I’m afraid to fail with my intentions in this area. The marketing review can be scary in that case when you don’t know what to look from it…

  4. Ah, barriers… many are in our own way of thinking. I speak of negative thoughts and worry that all will fail or is for not. We (at least I do) get in our own way and that is one of the greatest barriers of all. Just my thoughts. 🙂

    • Your thoughts are spot on Susan 🙂 And over thinking about what might happen often stops progress. I believe most of us have fallen into this trap. Thanks for bringing this up my friend.

  5. As human beings most of us are afraid of criticism, but when it comes to our work – paid,creative or otherwise, criticism is incredibly valuable. A re view is simply a tool we can use to improve. If we don’t understand our weaknesses it’s hard to improve them, or in fact to balance them against our strengths. It’s not always easy but learning to embrace constructive criticism is incredibly liberating.

  6. I’m glad you started with removing barriers. I have found that when it comes to achieving any goals, if my plan doesn’t include looking for and finding ways to get around or remove barriers, I will undoubtedly not achieve the goal, or at the very least, my progress will be slowed down.