A Marketing Plan Mistake To Avoid At All Costs

It is simple mistake. marketing plan

Yet it can affect the results you are seeking without you even realising it.

The mistake is not having your marketing plan reviewed to see if it will achieve the sales and marketing objectives.

If you have ever worked in a large company preparing your marketing plan can feel like you are on tortuous journey.

The reason is a number of experienced people review every marketing plan.

You are asked to explain why your marketing strategy and tactics will result in the sales. Why a particular strategy or tactic is best suited for the action you want customers to take etc.

When you think about it, they review it because you are spending money and using resources.

In your business, developing the right marketing plan is just as important as you are committing time or money to achieve your objectives.

Be Open To A Review

One of the biggest mistakes is to develop your plan to a final stage without any review.  This can waste your time and make you resistant to consider any changes.

Instead of trying to get it perfect, consider doing a solid draft first. This has the benefit of stopping you getting too close to it after the hours you have spent developing it.

When someone reviews it and questions your strategy, the tactics you chose or the sales objectives don’t take it personally. It is not about you, instead it is about helping you achieve the results you desire.

In hindsight, this was one of the benefits I found working in large companies as you can get too close to your plan and product or service.

By having to explain the strategies etc it helped clarify my thinking.

Choose A Person To Review The Plan

If you are a small business owner take advantage of having someone review the plan. It can be a peer, colleague, preferably  someone with more experience.

Make sure they know to look at all elements and not just your marketing tactics as that is like a mechanic checking your brakes and ignoring other parts of the car.

If they provide suggestions make sure they can explain the reason why to you, otherwise it may be based their gut feel which is not what you want.

If you have not developed a plan for next year there is time and imagine how relaxed you will feel when you know you are all set take the right action.

A marketing plan is never cast in stone, only to be used as a footrest. It will evolve over the year and you will probably tweak it to adapt to changing circumstances.

To simplify it concentrate on one or two marketing objectives as the more you have the more time and money will be needed to achieve them.

Over To You

Have you developed your marketing plan for next year? Do you get someone to review it?




5 Responses to A Marketing Plan Mistake To Avoid At All Costs

  1. When brainstorming your network marketing plan of attack it is important to remember that taking action to achieve your goal requires commitment and although there will be many obstacles that you will face along the way, these are simply a way of separating the uncommitted from those who truly deserve success.

  2. Gosh I some how missed your post. I so get this. My problem isn’t creating one, it’s having the time to do it and everything else… LOL. I am getting there. I have determine what to eliminate and simply to allow myself the time and space to do what is really important, a major first step. 🙂