7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Marketing Tactics

Marketing tactics questions Marketing tactics are an important part of running your small businesses.

They can boost short term sales just when you need it and they can help strengthen your customer relationships.

As the list of available tactics grow it becomes more difficult choosing which ones to action.

This can be made a little easier by asking yourself a few questions:


Do you have the stamina?

Some marketing tactics take up more of your time than others, such as a weekly newsletter. If you can’t commit on an ongoing basis then choosing another one may be the way to go.

Can you track the results?

If you can’t, then do not start as you will have no way of knowing if it is successful or not.

Will they help achieve your marketing objectives?

If your objective is to increase the number of times they buy from you then choosing tactics that are aimed at increasing awareness only is not the way to go. Think through what action you want your customers to take.

Why are you choosing them in the first place?

If it is only because you heard or read it is the “must do” at moment then reconsider.

Do you have the time and/or money?

Actioning marketing tactics does take time or money or both. You need to work out if you have enough of these and have allocated in a budget before you begin to choose.

Does it support your marketing strategy?

Your overall game plan is really important as it focuses you on what areas to concentrate on to achieve the objectives.

For example if you decide that retaining your current clients is key and the focus is on personalised communication and service, then tactics such as a newsletter is okay. A big push on free samples would not be appropriate.

Do you have the knowledge and skills?

Some marketing tactics takes knowledge and skills to implement properly. If you are lacking in the areas, then either drop them until you learn or get someone else who has the expertise.

Of course only get someone else if you have the money to do so.

Over to you now. If you have any other questions you ask before choosing your marketing tactics, share them with us.

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6 Responses to 7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Marketing Tactics

  1. As a professional small business marketing consultant in New Mexico. I run across small business owners that are needing a lot of education in marketing. Doing business has gotten harder now and the way things used to be just aren’t working anymore. Your article has a nice structure on marketing that should be followed more by todays business owners.

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that business is getting tougher and I think more competitive.

      One question for you do you think they want to be educated even though the may need to be?

  2. Susan,

    Great article on marketing! They are also some tough and difficult questions that people have to be able to answer. If the answer to any or all of them is “no” it is definitely time to seek the assistance of a qualified professional!

    All the best,


    • Thanks Yoni. They may be tough when you fist ask them but it does get easier. If they answer no then it could be that they need a little more focus upfront.


  3. Susan

    Nice overview to make sure business owners get their money’s worth on marketing. Once they have decided to move forward the next question what platform to choose for advertising. I just wrote a blog post highlighting various choices and how to choose the right platform.

    • Hi Sally,

      Thanks for your comments. Advertising is one choice although not all small businesses can afford this and that is one reason I think you see more leaning towards other tactcis that are low cost or just take their time to implement.